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Your In - Box Will Never Be Empty And Your Purpose Can’t Wait
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As I write this article, I’m on a plane heading home from quite a transformative trip working in an all-day 1:1 with one of my coaches. (Yes I have a coach too, more than one actually, and plan to until the end, because there is absolutely no substitute for that kind of support in my business.) As I re-group my recent experience, I am smiling at how much my Dads passing has supported me to be even more purposeful and passionate about the work I do.

First, I can tell you that it has been my sessions with clients in the last few months that have buoyed me, knowing that I am doing the work I’m truly meant to do. Frankly, the hours I was working with clients recently were my best so I am truly grateful to each one of you who has unknowingly been a gift to me in that way.

As I re-group my vision day with my coach, I am feeling the same thing my clients say to me at the end of their power and focus VIP Days. I truly feel like a different person. I went with the intention of up leveling my business model as I do each year, but left with a plan to start a revolution. Yes, I’m declaring myself a Revolutionary (in pink that is) because among the many other things I’ve learned from my Dads death life is damn short.

When you die, there are still incomplete errands, emails that haven’t been answered, phone calls that haven’t been returned and papers that need action in your in-box. Just the sight of his last to-do list in his own handwriting stopped me in my tracks. YET, we act as if we will actually get to the bottom of all those things at some point, but usually at the expense of what actually matters. So we work tirelessly to complete something that will literally never be complete and THEN well do what really matters, lights us up, brings us joy, satisfies our soul and makes a huge difference to someone else, like spending time with them. (Go back and read those last few sentences again right now. I’ll wait! Really take that IN for a minute.)

In the spirit of this insight, and in honor of all the things my Dad taught me (some directly, some indirectly and some the hard way), here are:

10 Things Not to Wait On Until Your Inbox is Empty

1. Let go of resentment that keeps you stuck

ACTION ITEM: Identify the dust bunnies that are lurking under your frustration.

2. Get clear on the work you’re truly meant to do and pursue it with gusto

ACTION ITEM: Get started right now! Take one tiny step. Any step. Otherwise, you are only withering on the vine every week and month that passes.

3. Release guilt and shame about debt

ACTION ITEM: Discover what you were really looking for at that cool store. (Hint: It wasn’t an expensive purse.)

4. Learn to stand in your power with grace and style

ACTION ITEM: This is an art and a science that comes with practice. Start by saying no to something that you truly don’t want to do or something that is not a complete yes.

5. Discover what comes naturally to you

ACTION ITEM: Most people swat away gifts and talents they think are no big deal. Well I have news for you. They don’t come easy to others. Identify one undeniable gift of yours you can leverage to build your business or get paid to do YOU!

6. Show people how much they mean to you

ACTION ITEM: Share words verbally and in writing of loving affirmation with someone who’s never heard it from you. Start with your doctor, your team, your building manager, your boss, your quiet neighbor, your creative colleague who always has time for you, your mate, etc, but go beyond the obvious.

7. Live up to your potential

ACTION ITEM: Only you know if you’re doing this or not, but it impacts every area of your life. Start today with one tiny step that feels scary and stretches you past your comfort zone. Then celebrate your courage.

8. Be willing to be on a journey of self-discovery every day

ACTION ITEM: Without growth and learning you are just going through the motions. Identify your mentors in your life. We all need someone to share their shortcuts to success, champion who we are and what is possible for us especially when we forget.

9. Forgive yourself

ACTION ITEM: Enough said.

10. Put out the fires that drain your energy

ACTION ITEM: Get clear what those are. Is it that you have no time to just be? Do you feel supported in your career? Are you valuing yourself when you set your pricing with your business? Are you secretly a creative visionary and don’t have an ounce of creativity in your day? Do you have the freedom to be who you truly are? What else?

How many of these are you actively engaged in? How many do you promise yourself you’ll do when you aren’t so busy? Guess what? My Dads email box STILL has unanswered messages in it.

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