Your Why, Is It BIG Enough
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Your Why, is it BIG Enough


As human beings we're all programmed a bit differently. The ying and yang of

human psychology starts in the womb and is impacted at every juncture from

conception to adulthood. Our WHY is a composite of all this, why are we

who we are? It took me 20 years to overcome the nurturing that my parents

lacked, they were more abusive than nurturing. Yes, in my forties I discovered

that the world is not as abusive as my parents portrayed it. By then I had

children of my own and definitely made decisions on the direction I would take

as a parent. All our persona is a composite of how we were nurtured and the

natural set of genetics we're afforded. Not much we can do about the latter, it's

the prior that has great impact on our WHY. Our why is a conscience set of

principles that we acquire by adolescense. At this stage nurturing is teaching us

our basic set of principles; the WHY we should achieve and how we should

achieve. It's there or needs further development? In my military career, I was

one of the last draftees of the early 70's, I was tested ( mainly multiple choice type test)

as all who enter the military are and was invited to enlist as an officer, about

six percent of those tested as draftees were invited to attend Officers Training.

My decision was to remain a draftee and serve my two years active, two years reserve

and two years inactive reserve. This decision seemed to impact me longer than

I expected. From Basic Combat Training I became a follower not a leader.

The training at Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri was intense, it was about being and

making you ready for Basic Combat. Yes, including pulling the trigger if confronted

by an enemy. At this stage I was more programmed to become a follower, turning

down the officer training set a course as follower. The Why to become a high level

achiever is the antithesis of following. Our mind is programmed to accept more

responsibility and find a path forward either by following our intuition or seeking a

pattern that others have set for the level of success we seek. This is now our changing

world, it is the serious achievers that become the leaders and find the path forward

to innovate and become successful based on the model they subscribe to, they have a WHY.

They see the future as a pattern for their life, learning to adapt in this evolving

climate and environment is not easily accomplished. Today with the internet and

other tools available to virtually create a career out of cyberspace is only relevant

to those who are achievers. Over 95 percent of the population are followers who

follow the trail to money by accepting time for money, wage earners as they're

referred to. On the other side of the ledger are the entrepreneurs, those who accept

the consequences of risk and reward for due diligence and hard work. Our WHY

is the motivation to succeed to endeavor to improve our condition and status. How

big our why is or becomes enables us to succeed, it can be an extension of our nurturing

life or escalated through rethinking who we are and why we need to reform our why?

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