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Death Wish - Strongest Coffee In The World Guaranteed (or Your Money Back)
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Death Wish  -  Strongest Coffee In The World Guaranteed (or Your Money Back)

Can you Believe it? A Company called 'Death Wish Coffee' in the US has created a new coffee called 'Death Wish - Strongest Coffee In The World'. It is a lovely medium dark roast with an extra 'kick'. And what a kick!

They have managed to find a coffee bean that naturally has 200% more caffeine than the average cup of high street coffee shop coffee. If like me you drink five or six (or more) cups of coffee a day then you would only partake of the occasional cup of 'Death Wish'. For a coffee that has three time the amount of caffeine than a standard cup of coffee it still manges to contain double the usual consumption for most people. I don't know if it is lethal but the 520mg of caffeine is potentially toxic if you are sensitive to coffee.

I never quite put responsible drinking and coffee together before but if there was a coffee to be drunk responsibly then 'death wish is the one! I guess if you drink lattes all day then you would have to watch your calorie intake, especially if you sweeten it or take cream in your coffee. If you have had the shakes from drinking one too many coffees in a morning you should probably take extra care when drink this one!

The Death Wish Coffee company is based in New York. Their coffee is described as smooth and awesome or even rocket fuel and is absolutely great at keeping you awake on the night watch. Forget about 'Death Wish' it is actually making people feel ALIVE! Wow! Have you tried it recently? Would you dare?

You can buy Death Wish direct from their own website or from Amazon. It is available both ground and whole bean. Both versions are supplied in 1lb and lb bags. The coffee is also available via subscription for a decent saving on the regular price. They guarantee the coffee is the strongest coffee in the world. That guarantee is backed with a refund if you return the coffee.

There are other ways of making strong coffee but starting with a super charged bean means whichever method you use will turn out a strong brew. Using an espresso machine will give you a strong flavoured coffee and if you don't dilute it with water or milk, a small cup of coffee can hold a huge amount of caffeine for the size of drink.

Thanks you reading but remember, you must drink and treat 'Death Wish' with care and respect!

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