The Best Coffee Brewing Method - Try It, And Get A Full Bodied Cup!
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The Best Coffee Brewing Method  -  Try It, And Get A Full Bodied Cup!

Some Common brewing methods:

  • Drip brewing

    Everybody I know has a drip brewer in their home, and/or workplace. This has become one of the most popular brewing methods to date, because it is easy... But drip brewers don't necessarily make the best coffee. They typically don't capture the full body of your coffee, because they brew just a little too fast!

    If you are looking to buy a drip brewer, check out Delonghi products first. They have a setting to use for slow brewing your coffee.

  • French Press Brewing

    This is the most delicate method when it comes to coffee brewing. You need make sure everything is perfect. Grinds should be course, if they're too fine, they can seep through the mesh filter, ruining your coffee. You need to use just 5 scoops of course grinds to fill your press. If you use too much, it could ruin the pressed coffee, making it too bitter!

    Your timing needs to be perfect, 4 minutes, 30 seconds is the perfect amount of time. If you go to 5 minutes, your coffee will be okay, but if you go past 5 minutes, 30 seconds, it can be completely ruined!

    And finally, when pressing your coffee, use only the weight of your hand unless necisary. If you press your coffee too quickly, grinds that have broken down may slip through the mesh filter, making your coffee chalky.

    A good brand to buy from is Bodum.

  • Espresso Brewing

    Espresso brewing is easier than many people talk it up to be. You just need to know a few things. You grind needs to be fine. You should barely be able to feel the grain of the grinds when you rub them on the top of your hand.

    Fill your portafilter (the removable piece grinds are put into) to the brim. If your portafilter is overfilled, use your finger to scrape off excess.

    If your machine came with a tamp, apply the tamp to the grinds with a slight amount of pressure, and finish your tamp with a twist. This should push the grinds slightly below the surface of your portafilter, at this point you can lock the portafilter in place!

    Not all machines come with a tamp. If your machine is "self tamping", use your fingers to push the grinds below the surface of the portafilter, and go ahead and lock the portafilter in it's place!

    Espresso should take 18-23 seconds to pour. If the timing is off, try adjusting your grinds.

    If you're looking to buy a home espresso machine, you can find some decent, fair priced, machines made by Imusa.

    If you want a pricy, quality machine, check out Gaggia brand.

The Best brewing methods:

  • Pour over brewing method

    This is by far the best brewing method, when it comes to hot brewing. Grinds should be semi-fine.

    Use 3 scoops for a small (8-12 oz) cup

    4 scoops for a 16 oz cup

    5 scoops for 24 oz cup.

    Use hot water, (between 200 and 220 degrees F) and simply pour it over your grinds, covering all of them.

    Your grinds will start to puff up, at this point, stop pouring water until they start to fall again, and continue pour water over them until your cup, below, is full!

  • Cold brew coffee method

    Cold brew coffee is the best. Brewing coffee this way will assure a one of a kind experience! I recommend using a french press to make this specific kind of brew. If you would like to find step by step directions on how to make cold brew, check out french press cold brew, at on Savvey Coffee.

    Savvey Coffee offers a simple cold brew recipe that anybody can understand! You can also view more information about the above topics there. To visit the home page of Savvey Coffee, click here.

Thank you!

I challenge you to add pour over and cold brew skills to belt! Thanks for reading my article, and I do hope you learned a lot of useful information!

- KC

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