Sell Engagement Rings
A decision on where to sell engagement rings is very important. 66mint has years of combined experience and is also…
Closet Jewelry Organizer—which is the Right
Are you tired of wasting precious minutes untangling necklaces or finding that one earring which always disappears…
Who Can Wear A Cocktail Ring?
I have had many inquiries from readers about who can wear a cocktail ring. The simple answer to that is anyone who…
Tips to Create Stunning Tropical Décor
Even if you live worlds apart from the relaxing tropics, you can still create your own tropical getaway right inside…
How To Feel and Be Safer Everywhere You and Your
The world is a dangerous place, and that is just as true for those living in America as it is for those living in other…
Hublot New Products
New Products Hublot Hublot has recently released a line of new products, all of which adding their own twist to the…
Collectible Jewelry Articles (299)
Gold Karats
Karat is a measure of the purity of gold, unlike 'carat' which is used to measure the size of gemstones. In the United States, gold content is measured in karats, with 24 karat being pure gold. European countries use a three digit number to grade the fineness with 999 being…
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Christian Necklaces For Women--> Christian Jewelry
When it comes to actual Christian necklaces for women there is one main necklace that comes into our mind and that is the cross because the cross is one that we probably have worn all of our lives even as children. Depending on your denomination there could be a lot…
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The Kate Middleton Ring - The Royal Wedding In All Its Splendor
Have you seen the Kate Middleton ring? Is it true that it originally belonged to Princess Diana? When’s the royal wedding? Sounds like everyone everywhere is talking about the same thing! Royal Wedding is Official Now Well - it’s official at last! The second in line to the royal throne,…
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Christian Wedding Rings
When a Christian gets married they will usually wear a Christina wedding ring. Usually both men and women exchange rings. These rings usually have crosses in embedded in them or some form or Christian symbol. The only difference in a Christian wedding ring and other wedding rings or bands is…
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How to Find Cheap Clip On Earrings for Women On Sale
Clip on Earrings for Women - The New Fashion Mantra Clip on earrings for women are very popular nowadays, and the fact that they are so convenient just adds to their value! These are great for women who have pierced their ears, as well for those who have been too…
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Guardian Angel Necklaces and Pendants
A lot of people with different religious beliefs believe in guardian angels. Many of us like to wear guardian angel necklaces and pendants. An angel is associated always as being good with wings and they can be male, female, and even children. A guardian angel is someone that we believe…
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Christian Jewelry For Men
Men like to wear jewelry almost as much as women do. Some like to wear it even more. Christian jewelry for men is always worn with pride and generally always has a meaning behind it. They will wear their wedding ring and watches and some will wear necklaces depending on…
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Christian Purity Promise Ring - - > What is a Puri
A purity promise ring is a popular ring with Christian youth. A young person wears the Christian purity ring in reference to a promise in their heart that they are going to stay a virgin until they are married. A purity promise ring means chastity and purity in that person.…
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Christian Cross Necklaces for Women
One of the most important pieces of jewelry a woman can wear is a Christian cross necklace for women. There are many numerous types of crosses and the one I want to mention here is the cross that is in reference to the Christian religion. Women like to wear cross…
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Christian Rings -- > Beautiful Christian Rings For
Women just love rings especially if they are Christian rings for women because they are special. I think that if we could we would wear rings on any finger that we have including our thumbs! We have our left hand finger ring dedicated to our wedding ring. But the rest…
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Mother’s Ring -- > A Great Mother’s Day Gift
A Mother’s Ring is a wonderful gift for a mother on mother’s day or for any holiday occasion. A Mother’s ring is generally given by one or more of her children representing the love and devotion and gratitude to their mother for all the sacrifices and love she has given…
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Christian Cross Jewelry For Teenage Girls
One of the nicest gifts for a young person in this day and time is to give Christian jewelry for teenage girls. The youth in our church just love to wear their Christian crosses. When a young person wears Christian jewelry they are making their own statement, which is that…
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Rings for Women-->Christian and Religious
Women and men both love to wear Christian and religious rings. When buying rings for women there are many designs to choose from and each ring usually means something different. There are a lot of rings for women that are meant to be christian rings that are religious. Men wear…
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Cross Necklace for Women--> Religious Jewelry
A lot of women love to wear any type of religious jewelry. The cross necklace for a woman is a very important piece of her jewelry collection. When a Christian refers to a cross necklace we are referring to the one cross that our Lord Jesus was crucified on. We…
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What is a Promise Ring-- >Christian Promise Rings
There are different religious designs and symbols made for rings that are used for different spiritual and Christian promises. We have Christian promise rings for everyone and just about for whatever the need is. When wearing a promise ring a person needs to really be sure of their commitment and…
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Purchasing Beads Wholesale From Online Dealers
There are different uses of beads. Mostly the jewelry designers are using beads for making jewelry items. They are also being used for making and decorating items. If you enjoy making various accessories with the beads, then you can expand your hobby into a business. For this purpose, you will…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Oct 23, 2014  
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Guide to Buy Various Kinds Of Beads
Jewelry items are a girl’s favorite accessory. From the head to the toe, women wear jewelry on different parts of their body and decorate themselves for fun and for elegance. The beaded jewelry is one of the most popular and massively customizable accessories ever produced. The bead crafters have got…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Sep 14, 2015  
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April Birthstone Mothers Ring
So an April mothers ring is sure to be a dazzler, considering a diamond birthstone is needed. Here's a little more information to know as you design your own mothers ring. April Birthstone The Diamond, considered the most precious of gemstones, is the April birthstone for mothers rings. Its dazzling…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Aug 13, 2012  
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If You Have All the Right Jewelry Making Supplies - You Nail the Job!
Creating jewelry is an art and we get to see it everywhere these days. However, not all jewelry makers are appreciated and their business is found lost in the dusty pages, within sometime. Why is this so? This is simply because their jewelry lacks the unique and exquisite look. And…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   May 16, 2016  
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Getting The Best Jewelry Supplies And Wholesale Beads From Online Retailers
If you are looking forward for the best beads supply in order to create beautiful and elegant jewelry then you should visit the wholesale market for this purpose. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the best and new designs of beads for starting a home business of making jewelry. These days,…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Jan 20, 2015  
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Jewelry Making Supplies Make You Spend Less
Finery is something that completes and compliments the dress of a girl. Girls never enjoy their attires unless they are complimented with ornaments. Some collect the bijou as a hobby and some collect it just to complement their dresses but all the girls need it. With the changing fashion trends…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Dec 15, 2015  
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A Best Gift to Your Grandparent Ever As A Prayer Beads
DR Fine Jewels is a trusted and world renowned company for their authenticity and beauty guaranteed on the products of Larimar jewellery and blue, green and multi colour amber stones they produce and market. The company sell their products in the form of raw materials, polished or embedded as jewelleries.…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Jan 20, 2014  
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Best Places for Purchasing the Wholesale Beads for Jewelry Making
Creating jewelry items is great hobby mostly because if you create innovative and elegant jewelry items, you can sell them fast at good prices. You can make good money easily with your expert skills of making jewelry pieces. With the management of jewelry making skills, you can end up making…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Jun 18, 2015  
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How Do I Choose A Cocktail Ring?
I get this question all the time and I can tell you from one jewelry lover to another, it’s not always easy. I mean, there are so many styles and kinds of cocktail rings in so many mediums that the task can be quite daunting. So I will attempt to…
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What Is a Christian Purity Promise Ring?
Christian youth now have a Christian purity promise ring that demonstrates their belief in remaining pure and abstaining from sex until they are married. This is a promise in their heart made for themselves. The promise ring itself is a symbol of chastity and purity in that person. The young…
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The Warmth And Comfort Of Wearing Jewelry Versus the Cool Breeze Of Baggy Pants
Imagine the warm, cuddly feeling of slipping on a new necklace, as opposed to the biting chill of the cold March winds blowing up the Grand Canyon while your pants are hanging low! When you are wearing fine piece of jewelry, you can be confident that people will admire your…
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6 Basic Jewelry Making Supplies
Many people have shown interest in making jewelry in the recent years. Some individuals are making them for wearing, gifting to friends, some just do it as a hobby while others are actually running a business of jewelry making. It is interesting to see what kind of different activities people…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Nov 12, 2014  
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Utilization Of Beads In Jewelry Making
Beads may be something no more than a mere crafting or decoration accessory for most of the individuals while for the genuine jewelry makers, it is something that is a great deal more than that. Beads make an essential piece of various tasks and in the event that it is…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Oct 18, 2015  
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Why is Handmade Semi - precious Jewellery so Special?
They sat that time fly’s and so does these seasons and fashion and more and more we move into the throw away era. We wear clothes and accessories for a season or two and then discard them. This is because we are wearing things that are cheap and produced on…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   Apr 06, 2014  
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What Kinds Of Different Wholesale Beads Are Available Online?
In case you are in the profession of jewelry making, then you must be well aware of the fact that buying wholesale items online is of great significance. Getting hold of the online wholesale beads allows the person to access even those article that were once considered to be available…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Collectible Jewelry   May 20, 2015  
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OK so you’ve decided on getting mom that unique personalized mother’s ring, but want to know…
Do you like jewelry? How about jewelry that is customizable and has a vintage appearance? For me…
The cocktail ring is a must-have for any woman on the go. It’s large stones and sparkling presentation…
Jewelries are the most coveted thing in the world. It adds style, class and a touch of sophistication.…
So you’ve decided on a customized mothers ring and are a bit overwhelmed by the options – engraved…
Today, the absolute essentials of life can be classified into food, clothing, shelter and the insane…

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