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Best Revision Techniques
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Best Revision Techniques

Every student has their own preferred revision technique and there is no right or wrong way of revising. It’s important that you find what works for you. If you’re predominantly a visual learner it may be that mind mapping would suit you as a revision technique but if you’re predominantly an auditory learner you may want to record some notes to listen to in your own time. The aim of this article is to make you aware of some of the best revision techniques there are and then leave it to you to choose which are appropriate for you.

Best revision techniques – 1: Review notes regularly

Reviewing your study notes on a regular basis will help to commit details to your memory without putting stress on yourself. At the end of each week take time to review your weeks work and key concepts that you’ve learnt.

Best revision techniques – 2: Answer exam questions

It’s obviously a good way to test how much you can recall by answering exam questions and past papers. It’s also an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the type of questions that you will be faced with.

Best revision techniques – 3: Teach someone

If you enjoy revising with other people you could form a small group and deliver a session on one of your topics. You need to do this with people you trust and who will do it properly to be effective, but it can be great fun. Follow it up by revising any gaps in your knowledge that you identified.

Best revision techniques – 4: Revision boards

This is a great technique for visual learners. Create revision boards which cover key points and topics. Use symbols and drawings or any diagrams that you think are relevant. Make them visually pleasing, easy to read and then put them up where you'll have frequent opportunities to see them (eg above a desk, next to a mirror)

Best revision techniques – 5: Mind mapping

Create mind maps to use as a revision tool. They should be simple to use and you can test yourself on key concepts, phrases. Keep them simple and use them over and over again. Alternatively you can create a mind-map from scratch testing yourself on how much information you can recall on a particular topic.

Best revision techniques – 6: Index cards

Create a series of index cards that you can refer back to. Keep them simple and don’t overcrowd them with too much information. (Suitable for those with very neat handwriting!)

Best revision techniques – 7: Tables and grids

Use tables and grids to make comparisons. You might be comparing people or theories. Looking at them side by side can help you commit them to memory and make it clear the differences between them.

Best revision techniques: 8 - Word Association Techniques

There are a range of different word association techniques that are useful for helping you revise including mnemonics - number/rhyme or number/shape mnemonics, spelling associations, link and story methods and many more.

Best Revision techniques: 9 – Revision snippets

If you have access to an MP3 player or some sort of digital recorder, record key points that you want to remember which you can listen to on a regular basis (eg when exercising, or going for a walk)

Best revision techniques: 10 – Organisation

Successful revision not only depends on your selecting a suitable technique for the topic and a method that suits your preferred learning styles, but depends on your being organised. Don't leave revision until the last minute. If you’re organised and do little and often you'll find it far less stressful.


Although you may have preferences for particular techniques, occasionally mixing it up will stop your brain from getting stale. If you’ve produced accurate study notes you will have no difficulty in producing relevant and useful revision notes. Reviewing your work on a regular basis will give you opportunities to identify and fill any gaps in your knowledge.

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