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Improve Your Study Skills With Repetition
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Study skills are vital to one’s academic success. It doesn’t matter if you are a genius, an under-achiever, or somewhere in between, you need these skills to thrive. While there are many “tips to study” and “how to study guides” available online, this article will cover one technique that I use on a regular basis to get good grades. I will show you how to study using repetition, and how this can be used in almost every situation.

To begin, you need to simplify all the information you need to know. By this, I mean condense to the point that all the information is in point-form. For example, if there is a paragraph in your textbook, just take a few key points of what is important. While this varies from subject to subject, a general rule of thumb is three points per 100 words.

Next, arrange these point-form notes in a way that makes sense to you. Some ideas are in order of importance, chronological order (for dates in history), alphabetical order and acronyms. Again, this has to make sense to you. After all, we all learn differently and what makes sense to one person may not make sense to another. For example, if you like comedy, you may arrange your point-form notes into acronyms that mean jokes. If you are a visual learner, you may make your point-form notes into a picture.

Now that the information is condensed and in some kind of order, you can employ this memorization strategy. Take your first point and say it in your head. Next, say your second points. Repeat your first point and second point. Say your third point. Repeat your first, second, and third points. Say your fourth point. Repeat your first, second, third, and fourth points. And so on…

For instance, if I were doing fruits, I would say:

1) Apples

2) Bananas

Repeat: apples, bananas

3) Cherries

Repeat: apples, bananas, cherries

4) Grapes

Repeat: apples, bananas, cherries, grapes

And so on...

Keep in mind; this is a very basic example. If you need to know how to memorize things other than basic lists, simply use this repetition method differently. A longer piece of writing, such as a speech or poem, can be broken down into paragraphs, phrases, and even sentences. Then, simply follow the steps listed above. Repeat as though the chunks of writing were single words.

That’s all there is to this studying method. You simply collect information, assemble them into a list, and repeat the information each time. This method can be used in a variety of ways – whether it is preparation for an exam or memorizing your lines for a play. I hope this has helped you and you have no problems next time you need to memorize something.

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Your thoughts and ideas about study skills are fantastic.These are ideas that are still being used by teachers and students in Africa and Asian countries.What we do not know is if these kind of rote learning can be translated into practical use after school.On the other hand, can memorization be used solely or with other types of learning styles that help students internalize,reshape and transform information/skills?We may need to consider these two possibilities and how they can be used to teach new skills or prepare students for exams. John Kole

  about 1 decade ago
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