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Three Continents, Three Cities; Three Reasons To Study Abroad
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The thought of embarking on a university summer program abroad can be a daunting prospect at the outset. It’s hard enough organising it in your own country; but if you are considering the option of studying abroad, it can be the most worthwhile of experiences. From study abroad Hawaii style, and new ways of learning in Asia, to summer programs in Spain, this is just a small taster of what you can accomplish when you study abroad.

The Asian Continent and the City of Beijing: Three Reasons

The first reason is that China offers you the chance to explore a completely distinct culture, with truly ancient traditions and customs preserved - this could help you immerse yourself completely in another way of life, or shape an understanding of your own nation’s history. Number two is starting a language from scratch, communicating in a foreign language is a rewarding life experience. Learning a culture from its very roots (its language) can broaden your mind, and not to mention your future prospects. And the third reason? The city itself: the labyrinthine markets, the real, authentic Peking Duck and the clash between old and new make Beijing a place of awe-inspiring dimensions.

The Stay at Home Option: Hawaii, a Culture in Another Culture

Reason one: this is another culture, not just right on your doorstep, but inside your own continent. If you decide to study abroad style, you can immerse yourself in a history of Polynesian, Asian and European heritage. Reason two to study abroad hawaii is the access to this culture. English is one of the two official languages on the island, making it a great place to spend a semester. The best of all though, is the playground-like makeup of the landmass. Kayak, surf and snorkel in the ocean, full to bursting with marine life; hike through the volcanic national park and its stunning rainforest; and take to the skies for a bird’s eye view helicopter tour of the landscape.

The Big Mix of Europe and Summer Programs in Spain

Europe: In one jumbled mass, you can find distinctive (and overlapping) customs, cuisine and fashions packed closely together. The Big Three, Britain, France and Italy are the obvious choices; but one of the most interesting and exciting options, is proving to be summer programs in spain. With Spanish as one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide, it is one worth getting to know. And with an extremely varied history – from the Arabic influences, French connections, and primary links to the New World – it is guaranteed to keep you inspired. Spanish people can also be some of the most welcoming and friendly hosts you can find, making summer programs in spain a deeply fulfilling experience.

So from study abroad hawaii bound to summer programs in spain - these are only a few ideas to get your mind whirring.

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