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Which Messages Are Important?
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Perhaps you are fond of Post-It Notes. You may have recently picked up a selection of the popular notes from your local store. The notes you chose reflect your personality and your interests. You then used the notes to post messages where you would see them, such as on your refrigerator, near your computer, and on your bathroom mirror. On the notes, you had written messages such as "Paper due Friday", "Test Thursday", "Run!", and "AT40 Sunday morning at 9:00". Not all of these messages are important. Therefore, they do not all need your attention.

For one thing, if you are a regular listener of "American Top 40", you already know that the show airs Sunday mornings at 9:00. This message could therefore come down. By removing one of your notes, you will simplify your life a bit. The note about "American Top 40" is not all that you can remove, of course.

Another note that could come down is the one that says "Run!" If running is a part of your normal daily routine, you will find time for it. You do not need a note to remind you to do it. Also, if you are feeling especially stressed out, you might decide to go running as a way to feel better. In this way, you will accomplish two goals. First, you will be keeping a promise to yourself to stick to your routine. Second, you will be working to relieve your stress, which should help you to feel better. While you consider de-cluttering your life, however, do not become too eager to remove all of your notes.

If you take down the messages about your upcoming test and the due date for your paper, and you forget when these events will be taking place, you will get in trouble. Your classmates will be prepared, but you will not be. You will therefore probably get a bad grade, and you will have to suffer the consequences of what comes next.

Given that grades are crucial to success in school, it would be wise to leave the reminders about your paper and test posted where you can see them until the due dates for these events have passed. When you have taken your test and turned in your paper, then you can remove the reminders about them.

I hope that your notes help you, and I hope that you get As on your assignments. Good luck.

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I love my sticky notes... even if they are just there to make me feel good about something... constant reminders are necessary sometimes as an old timer... we forget things too easily and business pressures push the less important things into the background... so I use mine to keep me thinking of all small things as well...

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for reading! :)

  about 9 years ago
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