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Words Of Wisdom From A College Graduate
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If you are about to graduate from high school and you have recently completed your paperwork to begin college in the fall, you may be wondering what to expect. As a two-time college graduate, I would be happy to provide some information that will hopefully answer a few questions for you.

First, college is not easy. You have to work hard in order to do well in your classes. Many of the experts recommend studying two hours a day for every one hour that you spend in class. With sufficient studying, you should be able to do well on your exams. In addition to time management, many college students become concerned about something else: weight management. They want to avoid the dreaded "Freshman 15", in which freshman students gain 15 pounds during their first year of college.

As a student, you spend a great deal of time sitting. You might sit for as long as one hour and fifteen minutes for a single class. At the end of the day, when your classes are done, you will likely want to release the stress that has built up inside you during the day. You can relieve stress and watch your weight with exercise. Find a form of exercise that fits you, such as walking or running, and do it regularly. You will feel better, and you will be able to avoid the weight gain that is common among students. In addition to studying hard and staying healthy, there is one more thing to keep in mind when planning for college: make time for fun.

Many colleges host on-campus movies, guest speakers, bingo games, and other fun activities for students during the school week. Then, on the weekend, there are other events, such as football games on Saturdays in the fall. Participating in these activities will make your college experience better. You will feel happier and experience less stress by enjoying some of these activities.

College is a time to learn about yourself. You will learn whether you are a day person or a night person, for example, and you will learn about some of your likes and dislikes. This knowledge will help you later in life, when you are looking for work. You will have a better idea about which job will be best for you and where you will be most successful when you think back on your college experience.

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