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Beyond Unconditional Love
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Love portrays many faces; hence, love is the most misunderstood word in my opinion. How far can someone go for a loved one? A lot of people will definitely claim unconditional love for someone by proclaiming forever, but what if the love is beyond unconditional? How can someone prove that love is beyond unconditional?

In my book, "The Third Colour," a mother's unconditional love for her daughter who defied death for twenty years is indeed an immortal proof of love that is unconditional; however, I categorise what transpired between this mother and her child beyond unconditional not only for the reasons according to how the human heart describes what genuine love is all about, but also for the very reasons that the heart cannot identify.

Love that is beyond unconditional is not just about the promise of forever; it is also about the vow beyond time; that is further what the eyes could see, beyond what the wind could whisper, deeper than the deepest of all waters, greater than all the masses of the earth, greener than the evergreen, brighter than the summer, lovelier than the spring and sweeter than the first smile of an offspring.

Everything is always easier said than done and this is because there are always two elements that feed your innermost sensitivities; your brain and your heart. It is a human explanation about the head being positioned higher in human body: that it should feed the rational grain, and the heart being lower: for it contains all the weaker emotions that the brain cannot humbly acknowledge; but what plays a role when the two fail to do what they are designed to fulfill?

The human heart can only take the amount of pain and joy according to how the defaults of nature dictate; but what if the heart is pushed beyond the limits? Is there an excess space to carry unwelcome sorrow? Are there extra eyes to shed more tears, are there more feet to walk another mile , is there an additional layer of the skin to take all the lashes?... Yes...and that's the space where faith lies; the faith that will lead you to the unceasing hope that there is indeed the Greatest of all all forces; that there is rebirth, that there is a day or even forever beyond forever; and that's where you can find the Creator.

Love that is beyond unconditional can only be manifested by faith; faith that is not only about what your hands can create, what your tongue can proclaim, what your brain can comprehend, what your wisdom can dissect, what your lips can utter, what your mighty pen can write, what your skin can touch; but more importantly, faith that is twinned with total surrender.

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