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Dishonouring The King
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Dishonouring The King

The bible state that thou should honour your father and mother, that your days will be long upon this earth, and that it will be well with you.

This is the only commandant with a promise for long life. But what does honour means, does it mean yes sir or yes mother. It means more than that, while it's important to respect your parents, it's important that you help them financially when they are having difficulty providing for themselves.

When asked my friends, if they give aid to parents, some would say no, others would say, I normally help my mother, but none have ever told me that they helped their father, the King of the home.

Why do children prefer to give aid to one over the other, is it because the King is the disciplinary and the mother is kind and gentle and compassionate.

But why does the prince fail to see that he will become a king in his home one day, and when his children visit to bring gifts to the queen he will be hurt, or dishonoured.

When you look at the effort displayed in celebrating mothers day, and giving gifts compared to fathers day, you have to wonder has the male become so confused. The fact of the matter is in most home fathers and mothers work two and three jobs to send their kids to school, so that they would get higher paying jobs and live at a higher standard than themselves. But does the children appreciate the of the parents.

Why does the prince have to wait until he becomes a king in his late fifties or sixties to realize that the dis honouring he did to his father was shameful and unfair. It appears that the prince only realize his blunder when he becomes king, and his children parade in front of him bearing gifts to the queen and passes him by.

But why does the king not speak up, it's embrassing, he believes they should have initiative to act on their own. But what the king failed to realize, is that the queen demands what she wants, and most men will not.

There is a calypso song which goes like this. Yea, the woman is smarter, Yea the woman is smarter , Yea, the woman is smarter in every way. I might have missed out a few words in the song, but I beleive you got the idea. Sometimes the guys wonder how come their sisters end up with all the legacy. Guys need to learn a few pointers on how the princesses plan in the home.

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