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Fail - Proof Ways To Get Him To Propose!
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Fail  -  Proof Ways to Get Him to Propose!

You’ve done the hard part… You’ve found your “Prince Charming” and have laid the foundation of a successful relationship. Really – most women endure the most difficult obstacles when it comes to relationships in the dating phase. Congratulations!

So what’s the problem now? Of course, you are dying to find a way to get him to propose so that you can take the relationship to the next level! If you’re trying to get him to propose for the right reasons, this is a legitimate desire. Most women find themselves ready to get married sooner than the man does – so you’re not alone.

If this sounds like you, take a look at these fail-proof ways to get him to propose:

1. Don’t Be the Eager Beaver (Or At Least Show Him You Are): One of the biggest mistakes women make when trying to get their man to propose is revealing how eager they are in regards to getting him to propose. Yes, ladies, one of the secrets to getting him to propose is to conceal your excitement on the topic.

Studies show that women who expressed a “no rush” attitude actually became engaged quicker than those who consistently asked their men when “it” was going to happen! The reasoning behind this is simple: Men retract when they feel they are being pressured into doing something that they don’t want to do. Basically, they want it to be their idea.

2. Start Hanging Out With Married Friends: Another brilliant strategy when it comes to getting him to propose is to make it a habit of hanging out with married (or recently engaged) friends. Yes, you need to nonchalantly get him out of the habit of going out with his single friends because friends can have a major influence on an individuals decisions and actions in life. Don’t you go to your friends for relationship advice? Do your single friends give you different advice than your friends who are in relationships? It’s highly likely!

It’s important to understand that you don’t have to tell him to stop hanging out with a certain group of friends. That would be too demanding and will surely backfire on you. The best way to get him to hang out with your married friends is by planning get-togethers and outings yourself. Take the initiative and have a “couples” BBQ at your house or a local park. You’ll be amazed how easily and frequently conversations about relationships and marriage come up in a group of people who are married!

3. Quality vs. Quantity: If you are serious about getting your man to propose, you’ve got to make it clear that you can offer him quality instead of quantity. This is especially true when it comes to “the bedroom” and domestic skills. In other words, making love to him 3 times a day in the early stages of the relationship is not likely to get a ring on your finger. Yes, most men would die to be “loved” this frequently – but it’s not something that makes you a great wife.

When men are considering a proposal, they are focused on your “wife” qualities. Another area in which it is important to show “quality” and not “quantity” is around the house. You can’t clean his house three times during the first month of dating and expect him to think that you are a “domestic diva”! These types of qualities in women must be shown consistently throughout any relationship.

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