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How To Get A Guy To Commit - Some Simple Truths
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How To Get a Guy To Commit  -  Some Simple Truths

What woman don’t understand about men is that they (the men) are pretty simple creatures. They have not evolved that much.

Once a caveman always a caveman.

  • Tell a man you like him and chances are he will like you back.
  • Tell him you love him and chances are he will love you in return.

But love is not always enough to get a guy to commit.

It can be frustrating for a girl!

“He says he loves me but …………he's not ready yet!” she says sobbing and pulling her hair out.

“What can it be?”

How can she get this guy to commit?

Everything seems perfect.

It’s not you – it’s him!

Guys and girls see love in different ways – we all know that.

It is said that behind every great man there is a great woman.

Ever wondered why?

Those great women who stand behind the great men are likely very much a part of their man’s greatness either directly or indirectly. Somehow, instinctively they have learned the secret of being his women in every respect. They are happy and content in their relationship – a relationship that is built on mutual trust, understanding and equality, even though it may be him that takes the limelight.

Another common cry amongst single ladies is “there are no nice single guys!”

Is this true and if so why?

There are millions of single guys in the world and many of them would be perfect for you – it’s just a matter of knowing what you want.

You may think all the nice guys are taken. Not so.

Those women who have found the "nice guys" are not going to let them go easily.

Unless you are living in a tiny little village with a population of 10 there are single men all around you.

Some would be perfect for you while others would be a disaster.

Before you try to get a guy to commit do you know exactly what type of guy you want?

  • Does he drink?
  • Does he gamble?
  • Is he overweight?
  • Is he a potential criminal?
  • What sort of background does he come from?

Make a list of questions or characters that you insist on and see if he fits the profile.

If not, then why would you want a commitment from him in the first place?

It’s time for you to move on.

Equally important is to ask these same questions, and apply the same criteria, of yourself. If you fail your own test what do you think your chances are that this man is going to commit to you?

Be true to yourself, only then can you find the man of your dreams that will willingly commit to you.

How to get a guy to commit is a simple process if you know who you are and what you want. To find a guy with the same goals, standards, culture and beliefs live your life as you would want, he will find you.

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Great article Arnold...Nice landing pages too.

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Thank you Connie - most kind of you.

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