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Is He Relationship Material ? 3 Lessons I Learned From Computer Analysts
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Is He Relationship Material ? 3 Lessons I Learned From Computer Analysts

I am not a computer engineer but I have always been close to them, many members of my family and some friend work in fields related to computer science. How does my knowledge of the secrets of computer analysts' work relate to finding the correct man for a healthy, fulfilling relationship?

Detailed Requirement Analysis is essential

When computer experts start to develop software, they need to study the situation and come out with a set of detailed requirements the software has to fulfill.

Which is the lesson here? You must sit and write down what your desired man should have before you go out trying to find him. Many women would think this is a waste of time, but doing this has two clear benefits.

By writing down what you are looking for in a man helps to determine what exactly you are looking for. The same happens with software development, writing down the software requirements helps to find inconsistencies or missing things you need to know before starting or during the development.

Maybe you are looking for a man with some characteristics that are often incompatible in a single person. The second benefit of writing down the must have's for the man takes us to the next lesson.

Requirements need to be validated during development or testing phase

By having the list of must have's at hand, the woman will be able to determine if a man passes the list. The same happens with software development, where computer analysts need to have the list of requirements at hand to be sure that what they are constructing doesn't go against the requirements.

In addition, there are some characteristics that maybe are difficult to check in the first dates. That is why you need to have your list at hand to be testing if your man still is what you want.

In software development happens the same, when the software is tested, at the end of the development needs to be validated against the requirements.

Don't allow changes in the requirements without a detailed study of the impact

What sometimes happen in software development is that changes in requirements are introduced without a complete study of how this impacts in the software and the rest of the requirements.

This teaches us that changes in what we are looking for in a man should be analyzed. Perhaps you start to date with a man who passes almost all the must have's of the list but there are a few that not; you may be tempted to delete that items from the list.

You can do that, but before deleting those items, the list should be analyzed and studied again.

Following these secrets, if you are looking for serious relationship, you will be able to determine if your man is relationship material.

Street Talk

I hope I can pass a woman's list with flying colors for an ideal relationship Im so thick headed my girlfriend told me last time :)

  about 9 years ago
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