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Shes Had A Bad Experience With Love How Do I Help Her Overcome Her Fear Of Commitment?
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It's hard to build a relationship with someone who has a damaged view of love. Whether it was a good relationship gone bad or a simple case of heartbreak that resulted from the ending of a relationship there are few easy ways to help someone open up their hearts to the risk that goes along with committing to love someone all over again. You want to help your girlfriend overcome her fear of commitment though. That's commendable. All hope is not lost. You will need to be patient though or you will run the risk of pushing her heart in the direction opposite of where you'd like it to go.

The most important thing you can do, time and time again, is work to show your girlfriend that you are not the one who broke her heart. Be the better man inside and out. Give her no reason to doubt or mistrust you. Over time she'll come to see the difference. There may be times when she tests you to see just how far she can go before you walk away. Talk through these trying times and see if she's really trying to get rid of you for good or if she's just pushing to see if you'll bail on her too. It's a tough position to be in for you but if you believe she's the one for you then it will be worth the pain that might come in winning her heart and her commitment once and for all.

The next thing you need to do is show her how good things can be with you. Let her see that you're not going to take her for granted. Treat her like the wonderful woman you believe she is. Make her feel like she's special and precious to you and you'll never need to worry about how to get your ex back. She won't be going anywhere. She needs to see that you're going to stand by her. Showing her in big and little ways that you appreciate her is a great first step in the right direction. The more consistent you are with your efforts the more comfortable she'll feel in your love for her.

Finally, let her see how much you NEED her in your life. This places her in a position of power in the relationship. A woman will walk across burning hot coals for a man that needs her. She NEEDS to be needed. If you want to win her over once and for all and help her overcome her fear of commitment for good, then the way to go is convince her that you need her in your life.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to get your relationship moving in the right direction and help your girlfriend overcome her fear of commitment.

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