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Should I Be Staying In An Unhappy Marriage? Good Reasons To Say Yes
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There are many couples that stay in with their relationship although they feel unhappy with the way it is going. It can really be tough for most of us since marriage is something sacred. And there are also other factors that would halt us to come to decisions like separation and divorce. It is something that almost every married couple wouldn’t want to experience. It is almost never planned nor intentional.

There are several things that make a person unhappy with their married life. But I’m going to cite a few which I think are the most common reasons.

1. Relationship without intimacy. One aspect of being married is having a close and intimate relationship with your partner. What gives if you don’t share such things involved in intimacy?

And there are also many other things that can be considered as intimate. Being totally sweet and caring is a way of showing intimacy to your partner. Don’t just ignore them but instead have some time set aside for talks and petting. If you’re partner does not want to do such then talk things over. Go to a marriage counselor, where both of you can express each other out.

2. Not making time for your partner. This is one common reason why your partner or even you stay unhappy with your married life. Allotting ample time with your spouse is very important and can also result in bigger and better things. Give some time to your lover and see to it that you make them feel more important than anything else.

Staying in an unhappy marriage is not ideal but you should first consider the pros and cons of divorce. It would be good if both of you can sort out problems, talk it over and find solutions. There is always an answer to every problem.

There are also reasons why you should be staying in an unhappy marriage and be working to fix it.

1. You should stay for the children. Having a broken family is very difficult for the kids especially if they had been used to a family where you and your partner’s presence is there. It will also affect the child’s performance in school, play and even his/her personal life.

2. Money and security. This is another thing to consider because once you get a divorce you might not live the same life you were experiencing. Financial stability is that compelling and you don’t want to risk something like that.

3. Emotional distress. It can happen to you and also to your partner. The feeling of being unwanted is very devastating and can even make you think that you were unworthy. It would eventually make you feel that you’ll ever be happy again.

4. Loneliness can also be a thing you don’t want to happen to yourself. Imagine a life growing without anyone whom you could share your life’s experience. I know some people would do fine with it but it would be less meaningful. Life is great with other people.

Don’t simply give up on your marriage. Both of you can still work things out. What’s best is to go to a psychologist or marriage counselor where both of you can deal with your relationship. Or Simply find someone that knows where you have been and can relate. Just know you are not the only one with your problem.

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