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The Truth On Men And Fear Of Commitment
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What is it about men and fear of commitment? Women of all ages have wondered about this for years. In fact, it’s probably one of the most discussed and debated relationship topics of all time. You’ve probably seen it discussed on Oprah and Dr. Phil. And you’ve most likely read about it in the many self-help books and relationship classics like Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.

Women are biologically designed to be faithful. They need a man to take care of them for life. They need the safety and stability that a man can offer. Some experts point out that once women have sex with a man they feel more attached to him. Even if they didn’t have very strong feelings about the guy when they first hooked up, the hormones immediately go into overdrive after love making. Women are designed that way for a reason.

That’s why women just can’t seem to fathom why a man would let go of a loving and stable relationship just so he can go on the prowl. It just doesn’t make sense to most women. A relationship is much better than multiple one night stands, right?

For men, the answer isn’t so simple. There are a number of reasons why it’s hard for men to commit. There are biological factors and there are personality factors that relate to men and fear of commitment.

In terms of biological factors, some men would argue they were designed to be polygamous. They say they’re designed to be with multiple women. And that they won’t be able to pass up a good lay if it came their way. They explain further that they just feel like they’re missing out on all the possibilities if they commit to just one woman.

Another reason related to biology is the common saying that “men have to spread their oats”. Men say they feel the need to do this in their bones. No pun intended. They just have to do this before they can have just one partner forever. They’ll never be ready for a lifetime commitment if they’ve hadn’t had their fill of adventure.

In terms of personality, some men are just as sensitive as women. Women have to remember that men are people too. They’re not the animals that they seem to be, ladies. So just like any normal person, some men may have been burned by a relationship before. Or they could have been traumatized by their parent’s divorce. All these could lead to men and fear of commitment too. There are so many good ways out there to break down the walls that your man has built up. You just need to try some of them out and find out what will work for you and him. He will soon be the most committed person you know.

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