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Two Main Reasons Why A Man Won't Commit
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Two Main Reasons Why A Man Won\'t Commit

Understanding why your man will simply just not commit to you must be extremely frustrating. I can bet that you try so hard to do everything you can to please him, and hope that just maybe he will come out and propose to you. I can only imagine that you are ready your relationship to reach the top level?.

If that is the case, and you are beside yourself as to why he won't commit with the same dedication to you! Then it is to my understanding that you need to look outside the square to find out the reasons why this maybe. If there is one thing that I know from being a man. It is that we can be extremely stubborn for lots of various reasons, when it comes to making the "love" commitment...

It took me personally 6 years to give my girl the kind of commitment she desired from me. How stupid is that? She is such a great girl, and now I can think back and realize how sorry I would have been if I had missed the opportunity to have her in my life...

Here is a couple of reasons why I was a commitment phobic man:

1/ She loved me, and I loved her lots also. But the problem for me was that I felt like she would smother me with to much attention! To much attention, you say? But a man loves getting all the attention! And that's true we do love the attention, except when the relationship starts getting serious. We still like to feel that we can have our "man time" and when the person you begin to get serious with doesn't give you any space. A man will think in the back of his mind, is it all worth it.

2/ I also found it hard to commit because she would try to "make me" with playing these silly little mind games. Little things like saying that if I don't marry her, she will find somebody who will. Or she would get a friend to pretend to be a guy and text her an interesting message, and leave it out for me to find. I would always know what she was doing, and again it was a big reason why I was a commitment phobic man.

How to keep your man and make him commit his love to you is about being real!.

What a guy really loves is a woman who knows her own worth, as well as a girl who is willing to keep her own independence. If your truly want to know why he won't commit, and learn to keep a man forever you must look outside the square, and gain a little more understanding as to what makes him tick...

Which is exactly what is being taught inside the girl gets ring system right now, as their desired passion to save a million marriage's from one of the epidemic failures from divorce.

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