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Understand Men? Is That Even Possible?
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Understand Men? Is That Even Possible?

I just don’t know if I will ever understand men! Does that sound at all familiar? I may have said it at least once or twice in the past. How about you? Sometimes their attitudes and actions make me wonder what planet they are REALLY from!

No wonder we are at a loss when we find a man we are interested in romantically. I recently discovered some tips that should help you not only attract a man, but also will help you make sure he stays that way.

When a woman thinks about attracting a man they will often start changing things about themselves to remake themselves into what they think the guy wants. They change how they dress, how they act, and often change their personality. You really don’t have to do that!

There are a few basic things men really want in a woman. Once you know what they are you will be able to better understand what men find attractive about a woman. (Big hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with how beautiful you are or how much you weigh.)

Understand Men By Knowing What They Want

Men Want Compliments – Men like to be complimented just like women do. Unfortunately though, most men don’t get very many positive comments. Seriously, they don’t. And how hard is it to say, ‘that shirt looks nice on you’ or ‘you’re so funny’? Throwing out a sincere compliment will get you way ahead of the pack where guys are concerned. So compliment him, but make sure you mean it. Guys are not stupid and they will know if you don’t really mean it.

Be Self-Confident – Men want a woman who is self-confident. There is nothing sexier than a self-confident woman. So gals, if you’re lacking confidence you need to ‘fake it til you make it’! Why? Coming across as confident will tell him that you are worth having and keeping. He knows that if he doesn’t snag you some other guy will.

Stick Up For Yourself – Stand up to him when he’s being argumentative, bossy, or rude. Never, ever allow him to treat you with disrespect. Sometimes women are scared to stand their ground, but the weird thing is, he really will have more respect for you. Men seem to love women who can stick up for themselves and not put up with any crap. So be classy about it, but stand your ground.

Men Want A Kind Woman – No big surprise here! Men want a woman who knows how to be kind. Since you could potentially be a mother to his child someday, being kind would be a big plus.

Men Like Positive Women – Not one person I know likes a whiner. Having a woman around who is continually whining and complaining is a real downer. It gets old really fast. It doesn’t matter if you are whining about him or someone else, it will turn him off faster than anything. Not to mention it makes you appear bitchy and weak. If you are positive, fun to be around, and not worried about the ‘little things’, he will think you are so ‘cool’ to be around. So next time you feel like complaining, try to say something positive instead. It will make both of you happier.

Men Want To Be Respected – So many women belittle their husbands or boyfriends. It’s unreal! They treat him like a child, talk down to him, and make him feel he is not a man. Then they wonder why when he leaves them one day. I know why, he’s tired of being treated that way! Odds are he is with someone who respects him. Build up your guy’s ego. Make him your hero and he will want to give you the world.

Don’t Make Your Whole Life Revolve Around Him - Absolutely, positively the worst thing you can do is make him the center of your universe. Many women do this when they have a man in their life. Dropping your friends, neglecting your family, and ignoring your hobbies will lead to disaster. Don’t ever do this!

Men love it when their woman has a life. If all you ever do is be with him or wait to be with him, what on earth will you have interesting to talk about? He will soon become bored with you. Boredom is a death sentence to a relationship. He leaves and you are left with no life.

I hope these few tips have helped you to better understand men. To be successful in attracting a man you need to remember that their needs are fairly simple. They want a woman who can be loyal, nice, fun, and who makes them feel special. These are the small things you can do that will keep him attracted to you.

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