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Understanding Why Cheater Cheats In A Relationship
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Nowadays we can see cheating in many relationships. What is the reason for this? We asked many times ourselves. But we couldn’t find out the reasons. Because we are not a cheater and we are keeping the boundaries of fidelity in our relationship.

In any way the cheater has some bad defects in heart. We could see someone go an outside relationship. Why? Because they think that an outside person can solve their problem or they will get some relief from that people or are they going for an excitement?

There are many studies about this. First study – Somebody have some purposes to make a relationship. After some days they could understand they can’t fulfill their needs from their partner. But they want to meet their needs. So in order to fulfill their needs they go outside.

Sometime these people are ready to throw their relationship. Second study – Whole the world we could see some persons who don’t have any ethical values. They are not considering others feelings and keep the boundaries. They may know the boundaries but they will do whatever in order to fulfill their needs.

Third study – Somebody make a relationship for just a thrill. They need only the thrill especially in sex. So they are receiving the sexual invitation not only from their partner but from other attractive figures also. They think that they are not real individual if they turn down from this type of sexual invitation.

Some people have low self-esteem to find out the people who care about them. In other sense they don’t have the ability to understand people. In other cases person go outside to satisfy their sexual needs. They say their partner no longer makes them special.

The person go outside relationship think that the third person can fill the gap. How can we reduce this type of cheating? For this it is better to concentrate your relationship and maintain in any circumstances. The most important thing is that don’t make an affair. Learn some skills and use these some skills and techniques to maintain your relationship. Neglect extra relationship and your needs.

If you make an outside relationship you destroy your happiness and you put your partner in trouble also. You have to take care of your partner’s needs and help to fulfill it. This will keep your partner happy and they will make you happy. So your relationship becomes very happy and strong. This will help you to reduce outside relationship.

It doesn’t mean you are only the responsible person of your relation or you have to do all the works. In order to fulfill your partner’s needs you have to fulfill your needs also. You have to present your needs and desires in front of your partner. If you can met both of your needs both of you can feel happy in your relation. For this happy, both of think together, share your feelings together and work for each other. Most important have to loyal each other. Then you can make wonderful relationship.

Learning how to survive an affair can be very tough. It is especially difficult when your emotion is running wild. Good self help marriage books from Dr. Frank Gunzburg will be able to offer your some assistance.

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