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What A Man Wants In A Relationship Vs What He Needs In It
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What A Man Wants In A Relationship Vs What He Needs In it

The two insights about him that might be the difference between geting an "I do" or a "Goodbye".

Is your man sending you mixed signals?

Are you sure that he loves you, but for some reason he seems to be pulling away?

If so then you will want to read every word of this article, as I reveal what men really need in a relationship.

If your relationship feels like a gamble and the more you try to talk to him about it.The more distant he gets, then hang on because I have some good news. In the next few paragraphs I will reveal two very powerful insights that will allow you to control the dice, rather than roll the dice and hope for the best. And, you can get him to pursue you, all in a "non-pushy", non-manipulative way!

But wait! You may be thinking 'if he loves me, what the hell?' If love isn't enough then what do men need in a relationship?

Men are Complicated, Really?

We aren't really that complicated. but we do have four core emotional triggers hard wired into us that signal our "gut" to either move forward and take things to the next level,slow down and evaluate or flee.I'm going to reveal one piece of the puzzle and if you truly get it, you will open the floodgates to his heart.

At his core is what I call the hero worship syndrome, It may seem corny and cartoonish to you, but a man NEEDS to be admired by the woman he loves, It reinforces his "super hero" self image.Think about it, woman want a knight in shining armor and men want to be that person. If you are constantly casting a light on his weaknesses then his gut will send him the signal that you don't admire him. Now this doesn't mean that you need to worship at his feet 24/7, we know that isn't going to happen :) A simple compliment about his accomplishments,courage or strength will do.

Men Never listen, Really?

This may shock you, but we do hear everything you say WHEN it's about us and we pay very close attention to things that are important to us, things at our center.

Let me relate an example:

Once I overheard my girlfriend talking to her girlfriend about sex, and more importantly, her friend was rating her lovers performance in bed, needless to say she gave him very low marks on both execution and size. My ears perked up to hear what my girl had to say about me, but she didn't take it in that direction, at least not that time.I remember thinking 'wow. I wonder if she thinks I'm bad in bed, but won't tell me'.It really bothered me and went straight to the super hero self image issue.

My point is that we do pay attention more than we let on.

You may be thinking great 'so my guy wants to be a super hero like god that I have to constantly heap praise on, to feed his ego', what's so great about that?

The good news is that once you understand what his core needs are, and that he will listen when you focus on him, it's only a matter of choosing your words wisely.

Here's an example:

Imagine you are on a date with a young medical student and he says he has wanted to be a doctor for as long as he can remember and when he graduates he wants to open a practice in his small hometown.

Do you say:

That's great, my girlfriend just married a doctor! he's a plastic surgeon in LA, and she sent me pictures of the huge house they just bought. Wanna see em?

or do you say:

That's great, I'm really impressed that you have it so together and know exactly what you want out of life. Most of the guys I know your age are still waking up on Sunday morning with their head in the toilet.

Can you see how answer # two appeals to his core needs and makes him think 'wow, she really gets me' while answer # one sends a signal to his gut that says 'whoa, it's only our second date and she is already talking about marriage and moving to a big city, and that HUGE mortgage,I haven't even paid off my student loans yet.

Hopefully you can see what makes guys tick a little more clearly now. It was my goal to provide info that you could use right now today to begin the positive transformation in your relationship.

You should know that I'm not a relationship expert.I'm just a guy that was searching for information about my own commitment phobia issues and came across some eye opening video training by a guy who's helped save thousands of relationships from across the globe.That lesson really opened my eyes and he teaches so much more, you just have to watch the video.

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