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What Men Want From A Woman
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Hey Ladies…do you often wonder what men are thinking or what attracts men? If you really knew you might be surprised. There’s something that men really go for, and it’s not always that pretty face or killer figure as you might suspect.

There’s one thing that almost every man on the planet desires out of his partner…and that’s to be ADMIRED. That’s right…admired. Men want know and feel they are admired above everything else. It’s more powerful than any knock out figure for attracting or keeping your partner.

Many women think that men have affairs with younger women or an attractive secretary because of physical beauty or something they (you) lack when the truth is that men who have affairs are CRAVING admiration. You see, at home most men feel underappreciated or nagged while at the office they’re the ‘hero’.

If a man doesn’t feel admired and appreciated at home ladies, you can bet he will be easy prey for a woman who knows this little secret and many of them do. Men on the whole are ego driven so if a woman plays to a man’s ego he will more than likely be easily led astray.

Ladies if you make your man feel admired and appreciated he’ll move heaven and earth to make sure you stay with him…he will absolutely do anything NOT to lose you. I know this sounds a little far-fetched but believe me…this is for real. Men are prideful creatures and the admiration of the opposite sex is a very powerful drive within them.

This is not just true with men…ladies, take a look all across the animal kingdom and it is the same. The males battle for the admiration of the females and the right to mate. It is a fact of life and a part of life and it will never change…it is our nature and has been around as long as time itself.

So ladies…if you are thinking that things aren’t as good at home as they should be then maybe take a step back and re-evaluate how your man believes you perceive him. If he thinks that you could care less then there’s going to be trouble. Turn that around; make him feel that he’s your knight in shining armor, your superman. Believe me, he will be a new man willing to do anything for you to make sure that you are happy and content and not looking to move on to something new. Because most men do NOT want to lose your admiration.

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