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Why Do Guys Pull Away And What Can You Do To Stop It From Happening?
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Why Do Guys Pull Away And What Can You Do To Stop it From Happening?

Why do guys pull away? That is the question every woman asks herself when ever they breach the subject of marriage. In many cases even when a relationship is going strong, something seems to change and the man starts pulling away. Now there are many reasons for this happening, and sometimes the woman may feel that it might be something to do with her. Chances are that whatever is going on, has nothing to do with you. The answer may lay solely at the door of your man. So lets explore some possibilities.

Fear of The future.

Many men confronted with questions of whether to commit themselves or not to a lasting relationship, struggle with the concept of the responsibility that they feel they need to have, to make it work. Up until this point in their lives they have probably just been content to go through life without being accountable for any of the serious things of being totally committed to a relationship. They have a fear of the future and what it may bring. A loss of manhood perhaps, a loss of friendships and giving up on the pleasures once reserved for the single man. Sometimes within the mental picture they imagine a life of total boredom and conversion to their "feminine side". If you can understand some of the psychological reasoning that happens inside a mans head, then you might be able to find a way to make him more comfortable about committing to the relationship.

Limited relationship experience

Some men have limited relationship experience. This very well might be the only relationship he has ever been in. He may not have a clue on how long it should last and may be confused as to whether being committed to the relationship is what he really wants. It may boil down to a simple assessment by him if he feels ready to take the next step or not. Many men simply love being in not so serious relationship with flexible boundaries. the perceived rigidity of being confined to a committed relationship may cause him to become anxious and want to back out of it. For the poor guy the timing may be wrong. This is simply a case of the stars not lining up for him at the right time. For you as a woman, the timing may be perfect, but for the guy it is a struggle against what he perceives as things moving way to fast.

Bad examples of family and friends marriages ending in divorce.

For some men they may be looking at some very bad examples of commitments made by other people. Maybe he comes from a divorced home and does not believe that being committed or married will ever work. At least not for him. Perhaps a brother or sister or even close friends have had bad endings to marriages or relationships and that is influencing his ability to move on because of a fear that the same thing will happen to you two as well.

The truth is that most of these symptoms are actually phobias created inside a mans head, that are bourne of the weight of unrealistic expectations, possibly being influenced in a large part by the expectations of society in general. Just be aware that there is hope for you to progress with your man to the next level, that there is a way to get exactly what you want, a perfect marriage with the man of your dreams. There is a way to overcome the obstacles I have mentioned and get your man to propose and take the next step in your lives together. There is hope and you can make your dreams of marriage come true.

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