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Why Won't He Commit?
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Why Won\'t He Commit?

Ever asked yourself that question? Ever wondered what it is about your man that makes him hold back?

Why won’t he commit?

You are not alone.

There are over 59,000,000 (59 million) single women in America alone today, this includes any relationship that is not permanent.

There are several variations to the single status but I want to discuss three of these on the basis that you want to know what is holding a man back from committing.

You are likely:

  1. Single and looking but not having much success in finding someone.
  2. Dating but not in a steady relationship.
  3. In a relationship that is not moving forward.

1. Single and Looking.

Where does a girl go to meet eligible guys in today’s world?

Chances are you are trying Internet dating - possibly the quickest way to ‘meet’ eligible bachelors. Simply log on and check the profile and photos. If you like what you see and read then send a smile or a hug.

Which you do and then ………..nothing nada, not even so much as a “thanks for the smile but….”

What is it about this guy, why won’t he commit?

Doesn’t he like your profile or is it the picture?

Maybe you were a bit too heavy on the “what you expect from a guy” section.

Who knows? You never get any honest feedback.

2. Dating but not in a relationship.

Okay so you are making it to first base, occasionally second and sometimes even third base. But beyond that nothing. The guy loses interest and doesn’t call or slowly withdraws, making himself unavailable until you never hear from him again.

What’s with this type of guy?

Why won’t he commit?

Is it that you wouldn’t sleep with him or maybe slept with him too soon?

Was it the things you spoke about or your friends or family?

What? - Please someone tell me the truth.

3. In a relationship that’s going nowhere - fast.

I don’t have any of the above problems but my boyfriend won’t take the next step. He says he loves me but “he’s not ready…..

What is that supposed to mean?

Chances are you have invested some serious time in this relationship with this guy and it would be nice to know what his intentions are.

Why won’t he commit?

The sex is good (often great) you get on well together, he likes your family and you like his. But still he won’t commit.

In all three of the above scenarios the likelihood is that you are making the same or similar mistake.

The good news is it probably isn’t you. It’s him (or them as the case may be).

Men I mean.

They are just so frustratingly irritating sometimes. Half the time they are so simple. Food and sex is all they seem interested in. Oh and of course football!

I could scream!

I need to get inside his head – there must be lots of room for me in there.

  • What makes him tick?
  • What does he want in life?
  • Why won’t he commit?

If only he would tell you.

Finding out how his wiring works will be the key that unlocks his heart.

Men are simple but in matters of love they are a bit more complex. Half the time they don’t understand their own feelings so they bottle them up and avoid talking about them.

It’s the ostrich mentality where if I can’t see you then you’re not there.

What if I told you that's the solution?

If you knew what he wanted and then steered him in that direction, helping him to get there, would compel him to commit.

It’s in his DNA. Deep down he wants the same as you:

• He wants to commit.

• He wants a wife.

• He wants a family.

• He needs emotional security.

• He has a need to “belong”.

• He wants to be happy.

Understand this and succeed, get the commitment you seek.

Miss it, or ignore it, and spend your life asking; “why won’t he commit?”

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