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10 Romantic Text Messages For Her
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10 Romantic Text Messages for Her

Romantic text messages for her, is that what you are looking for? Maybe you are looking to write a cute message for your girlfriend or maybe you need a spark in the marriage and you want to send your wife a romantic message... Or maybe you want to get that special someone to notice you.

First I must say it is very thoughtful of you, I love when my husband send me cute romantic text messages. It is a great way to remind each other of the love that you share in the busy lives we all live. Between grocery shopping, picking up kids, making dinner, work and you know... it feels really good to get one of those cute messages.

Here are a few suggestions feel free to change them up so they suite you and your special someone.

10 Romantic Text Messages for Her

I was just thinking of the first time I saw you... Can not wait to see you tonight

You and Me together forever

I could not have chosen a better mother for my children (works best if you have kids obviously)

I was just thinking of your beautiful blue/green/brown eyes

I cannot stop thinking about you and your... cute smile... (be creative)

I love you and can not wait to see you

You are the reason for me living

Even though we are apart, I feel your love right here with me

I miss you, I don`t feel whole when you are not with me

I am a very lucky man that gets to hold you in my arms tonight

What you want to accomplish is to make her feel loved, make her feel like she is the most special person in the world. Remember how it was when you first met, how you would look at each other and just know that you two belonged together. It could be a room full of people but just that one look and you knew... it would not take much to get that spark going...

You can get that back but we sometimes forget that relationships takes ”maintenance” you do have to put a little something into it to maintain your relationship. Get that spark going again and you can start with these romantic text messages. There are more lots more I even found a guy that has put together a whole program called text the romance back, even Rachel Ray talks about the program.

Best of luck with the woman in your life, best of luck with the romantic text messages for her.

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