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1000 Questions About Love: Couples Relationship Book Review
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1000 Questions About Love: Couples Relationship Book Review

The main reason why half of marriages end in divorce and most relationships end in breakup is because couples do not really get around to getting to know each other as they truly should.

Couples who take the extra time to find out what they truly care about and ask the right questions about who they are and what they want out relationship are much more likely to stay together.

There are lots of marriage preparation and relationship therapy books on the market. But they spend more time on theory and exercises. But one book doesn't - it goes right for the jugular, as it were, and forces couples to see themselves and each other as they truly are.

1000 Questions For Couples, written by veteran relationship counselor Michael "The World's Most Romantic Man" Webb, is precisely that - a thousand questions about love, romance, and commitment that people can discuss with their partners as their relationship or engagement grows. Not all in one sitting, of course - rushing through the book would absolutely defeat its purpose.

1000 Questions For Couples covers the subjects you'd expect, like financial plans, children and parenting, career paths, religious doctrine, moral convictions, and sexuality. But fortunately, Webb doesn't stop there:

  • Do you need to hear "I love you" or similar words on a regular basis from your partner?
  • Which do you think should have the final say in decisions: logic or emotions?
  • Do you prefer receiving expensive gifts, or ones that come from the heart?
  • Do you enjoy shopping? Do you enjoy it more depending upon what you're shopping for?
  • Over the last five years, who you say that overall, you have changed for the better, or for the worse?

Webb also delves into the kinds of issues that may seem insignificant and should be easy to "work out," but are very much the stuff that bad relationships can be made of - which is what makes this book become so indispensible.

However, as I've said, 1000 Questions For Couples is not the kind of book that you should curl up with and read from start to finish. It should be read and discused by no more than two questions per day, which you can have delivered by e-mail. If you're in a long distance relationship, it can be a daily couples quiz that can be taken together by phone, e-mail, or video. Couples, newlyweds, the engaged, commitment-phobes, even singles and aspiring online daters, can use this book to discuss their questions about love and relationships.

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