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Are Flowers For Men?
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Are Flowers for Men?

How many of you think that flowers are a feminine thing? It is a very common belief. Many people believe that flowers and men do not go well together, just like rubber and glue!

Another question: How many of you have gifted flowers to men? Chances are, not many of you.

Why do we think that men and flowers don’t go? Our ideas are based on stereotype. We stereotype men to be macho, manly and rugged. Flowers on the other hand are delicate items, shaped beautifully and detailed to perfection, making them the complete opposite to the stereotype we have of males. However, which stereotype does the flower characteristic match with? That’s right, the female stereotype. Females are considered the inferior, delicate, emotional beings, making them the perfect match to flowers!

This sexist and stereotypical attitude has meant that society has generalised that flowers are only appreciated by women and not men. In actual fact this is not true. This is exactly why I am currently writing this article – to show and explain to you why flowers are just as appreciated by men and they are by women.

First things first, let us take a look at the media. Although the media portray women to be the flower lovers (in films, TV serials etc.) when we look at other forms of media, we can see that men are just as enticed by flowers as women. If we put on the gardening channel and take a look at the gardeners in each and every gardening related TV show, we will see that the majority of gardeners and flower fanatics are in actual fact men! The same goes for gardening magazines. Most of the people who write articles for these magazines or choose to share pictures of their gardens with everyone else are men. So, if men were so anti-flower, why would they be found all over the gardening network?

Scientific studies have shown that flowers have a positive effect on all human beings, and the last time I checked, men were still human! In fact, when men were asked why they didn’t keep flowers in their homes or offices, it wasn’t because they didn’t like them or want them, but because no one ever gifted them any and they did not have the time to buy their own. So there it goes, men do enjoy getting flowers as gifts, so if you are contemplating giving a male some flowers, do it! They will be appreciated just as much as they would have, had you given them to a female.

When choosing flowers to give to a man, simple arrangements are the most effective to go for. Men tend not to like extravagant, over the top arrangements, since this is where they draw the line between masculine and feminine. Simple is the key! An arrangement including more greenery will also make the bunch a masculine one believe it or not.

Flowers can be gifted to men for their birthdays, anniversaries, special days such as graduation or to celebrate a promotion at work or even just to let them know that you are thinking of them. Either way, the gesture will be appreciated.

Men also like to use flowers as an accessory believe it or not. Flowers make great accessories to dress the classic suit or even a tuxedo. Adding a single flower to the breast pocket or pinning it to their pockets makes them look even more attractive right? So do not hesitate to give him that one rose next time he’s dressed for a fancy dinner or party.

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Flowers work for me.... { hint hint } :)

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