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Are My Communication Issues Killing Our Marriage?
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Your marriage is seriously on the rocks. You want to know how to make it right but you're afraid that you're the main problem in your relationship. Are your communication issues killing your marriage?

When you notice problems in your marriage, it's good to ask hard hitting questions like these. This is not an easy question to answer. Could your communication issues be hurting your marriage? Certainly! Are they solely responsible for ruining your marriage? It's doubtful. Communication is a two-way street. You may have difficulties communicating but the responsibility isn't yours and yours alone. There are two of you in this relationship and it's up to both of you to open the doors to communication and ask the questions when answers aren't being volunteered.

Unfortunately, knowing that you aren't completely to blame for the troubles in your marriage doesn’t take the pain away. It also doesn't make the problems any easier to deal with. More importantly, it doesn't change the fact that if you are having issues with communication and it is hurting your marriage – at least a little – then these problems need to be addressed and dealt with before bigger and "badder" problems start crawling out of the woodwork because you haven't been communicating.

It is always hard to take a long hard look in the mirror when there are problems in your marriage. You're already asking some questions that come with difficult answers. That's a sign of your strength. But there are more questions that need to be asked if you really want to give your marriage a fighting chance. The first step though is to get to the root of whatever your communication issues might be and solve the problem. It's only after you solve the problems you're having with communication that you can work on finding out how to save your marriage.

These steps will help you become more effective at communication so you can work on rebuilding your broken marriage.

1) Understand that there is more to communicating than just talking. You may not have a way with words but there are other ways you are communicating with your spouse. You need to be mindful of the messages you're sending your spouse when you aren't using words.

2) Master the fine art of positive thinking and speaking. Learn how to put things in a positive light when you talk to your husband and about your marriage. A positive outlook can change everything for you both. What's even better is that positive attitudes are just as contagious as bad attitudes. Which attitude do you want your husband catching from you? When it comes to communication this is one message you definitely want to send.

3) Learn to pick your poisons wisely. Your first attempts at better communication in your marriage do not need to be full blown "confession" style revelations. What they need to be is limited in scope, very specific, and as positive in nature as possible for the best results.

Your winning smile, willing heart, and positive attitude will go a long way towards helping you get your ex back or save your marriage. You just need to learn how to use them to your best advantage to make them even more effective for you.

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