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Certain By Saytue Saye
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When certain things go wrong, you can't help but to fight. That struggle to make it a little bit alright. And even though this fight is hard, you make it so easy behind closed doors.

Only certain people will tell you the truth, something in them telling them to believe in you. And somewhere between the lines, they know your potential as well as theirs. So their calmeness and sadness gives you a stare. A feeling that is neutral, hard and so real.

Distinguished it the moment it became recognized. Felt a shook that made you put your guard up a little bit. But hey, that's normal for you anyway.

Is it normal for you being aggressive?

Is it true you feel like you're always being attact?

Quite a few others are the same. Shoot, to be honest, I'm one of them.

Don't look at me that way! How dare you not think it's fair?

Your uncertainess is what confuses me about this whole big mess. Low stress fills the air. Yes, I see you Ms. Sweetheart Thang. You got it going on and a bag of chips.

Dip and dig deeper into this passion for change. Your mind is so beautiful when it's calm and at peace. A single peck can make it chip at such a drastic speed. Drawing them away at a high rate.

Using a barnoculars in my mind, watched you struggle in so many areas of self. Life is such a humongous thing, it's too much to think about all at once.

Afraid of failing in life, it makes you sick to your stomach.You expect highly of yourself in many areas of yourself..

Sometimes, it is forgotten that you are very special. But that's only because you're very important. In decades to come. You'll see!

Never turning away from possibilities. Dreams in your world become reality. Oftentimes, your realeyes realeyeses behind time. It's OK. As long as you realeyes in time.

Can be difficult at times being solo. What is really up with you being by yourself? Something never to get use to, but feels great away from stress.

And the certain people that's there are the ones that truly care. It's only a few that can deal with you, sorry. The rest don't even know you. And when I say, "know you", I mean "know you". And when it drops down to it, know you will never forget you.

The sacrafices in your life with a twist. Social anxiety takes its place. It takes its place in the middle of creativity. The one place that takes control of me and allows me to be me infront certain aspects of live and success.

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