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For those of you who read this,beware you may just get sick.

I recently found out that the budding romance between two of my friends wasn't as smooth as they want people to believe. What was harder to believe was that he, the down on his luck playboy and the poster child of No Commitment, planned to propose to her, the misunderstood party girl. After a CSI-type conversation about the two before they met each other they were exactly as I have portrayed them until they said the one phrase that stuck with me,"if only you knew".

Intrigued I asked without being impolite what they had meant. When they said this, I found myself saying WTF!. He explained that although he was always seen with girls, at party's and around the neighbourhood growing up, and that she was more often than not with a different boy in town every weekend at clubs at the same time, neither had "got around" to having sex with any of their compatriots at the time.

 They then told the most romantic story I've ever heard told, which had me feeling like I wanted to get sick, the two had been always aware of the other's apparent goings on which made them rethink approaching one another.Till one day a mutual friend of all of ours introduced them at a local music gig, both strangely shy they barely said two words to each other and just smiled and stared into each others eyes til midnight when he walked her home.

At the time they both knew inside that the other was the one they would share that "special moment" with. To everyone else they were the perfect couple, two flamboyant party animals who could rival any showbiz pair in Hollywood but both had skeletons in the closet, she other than being a virgin was a girl who seemed to be a target by boys looking for a one night stand so wasn't considered relationship material which she didn't like the thought of, he on the other hand had girls doing everything but throwing rings at him but he didn't think twice of them because he was afraid to let anyone in after the recent death of the one person he cared for most in the world, his mum.

The next time the two met they attended the school's end of year party together, hand in hand. She remembers his almost sculpted looks to this day and he thinks back and happily says she had hair that was just so enticing to run his fingers through and her eyes put a spell on him.The two kiss passionately but briefly and then continue telling me the story. I'll skip through the story to the end of the night. They had a room pre-booked so they could stay overnight. In the room they awkwardly enter the bedroom together and sit looking at each other dying to tell each other their secret. They both slip out of their clothes and under the covers.

 I asked them not to go into detail about what happened next just keep it brief and to the point, she jokingly remarked "that's him all over". After kissing for an eternity, they're words not mine, he, yes HE, stopped and told her he was a virgin. She remembers his face and him shaking when he said it so she didn't question him and revealed she was also a virgin too. The two share a passionate embrace then get it on, twice, I should repeat that or he'll kill me, twice.

From then til now the two people perfect for what others saw as their true identity's became the most in love couple since DiCaprio and Winslet in Titanic all because they found that one person to share that special moment with who makes everything else seem not so important.

Makes my single life ways of drinking, gambling, partying and having meaningless casual sex with countless girls seem devoid of any meaning all of a sudden, nah them two have me talking out of my arse.

The End.

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