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Dating Advice For Men
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Dear Readers,

               As we already may know, men and women are very distinct creatures. It is as if one comes from Mars and the other from Venus.  While men have a tendency of being completely straightforward and saying just about anything that comes to mind, women are often not as simple. In attempt to understand what a woman really means, a word of advice would be just to read between the lines. I hope you are sitting down and have come prepared, because what I am about to share with you will forever change your views about women and the dating world.

             Men, I know it can be difficult trying to understand a woman, we often leave you puzzled and by no means do we make it easy for you. We often say one thing, but mean another. Many women, such as me, suffer from a common disability that prevents us from ever saying what we actually mean. So today, I will take you “behind the scenes” and provide you a guide that will assist you in understanding the beautiful mind of the female creature. I will show you the perspective that most men, such as yourself never see and have never stopped to realize.

            First things first, if you believe you already understand the female mind and all that we mean, wipe that out of your mind because you probably don’t. We are not as big of a mystery as men perceive us to be; however, in order to understand us, you must completely know us.  Since it takes a great deal of time to really know us, here’s a guide that will lead you on your way. It is a must- read for any clueless man out there! Memorize the information, jot it down, whatever it take, it could save your life!

My Guide to Understanding Women-What we really mean when we say:

1.) “I am not looking for a boyfriend right now”: I am but not looking for you. 2.) “I am tired”: I am not interested in sex today/tonight at all. 3). “You wouldn’t understand”: We really don’t understand it either; we just won’t admit that to you. 4.) “Can we still be friends”: I care for you and want to keep you around, however you’ve done too much damage to cure the relationship. I also want to be friends to keep a close eye on you, to make sure you are not moving on too quickly. 5.) “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”: This usually means that we are not attracted to you and do not feel enough chemistry to date you, however, do want to keep you as a friend.

6.) “Fine”: This is the word we women use to pretty much end an argument. You are wrong we are right and you should shut your mouth. 7.) “Nothing”: This always means something we just need you to figure it out. If you cannot figure it out, “nothing,” usually signifies an argument that will last until she is tired of arguing and uses the word “fine.” 8.) “We need to talk”: This usually signifies that you’ve done something wrong and we want to complain about it. So sit down and let us vent. 9.) “I’m not upset”: This means I am really upset and you know I am upset and you still ask me if I am upset, what a moron. 10.) “You're certainly attentive tonight”: Okay this means we know you are thinking about sex, and we won’t give it to you because you only do nice things when you want something in return. No way no how.

11.) “I’m sorry”: This means we are not sorry, however, you will be soon. 12.) “Yes/No/Maybe”: These words all sum up to one: NO! 13.) “I don’t want to talk about it”: We are building up more steam to really TALK about it later. 14.) “Go ahead”: This is a dare gentleman, not permission. When we use “go ahead” it really means do not do it. 15.) “That’s okay”: Danger! This is a statement used when we women want to think long and hard before we decide how exactly you will pay for your mistake.

16.) “Don't worry about it, I got it”: Another dangerous statement used by us. Hello, no we do not have it. What do we have you around for, get up and do it. 17.) “Whatever”: In proper translation, we use this as a form of, F you. 18.) “We need”: This means I want, and we better get it. 19.) “It’s your decision”: I’ve said all I had to say about the subject, it’s your decision now; however, you should probably go with the decision not so obviously. 20.) “I need some space”: This could mean one, she really needs space to think about what you’ve done and if you will continue to see each other and two, I’m possibly seeing someone else.

21.) “Do you have a girlfriend”: You are my type and I’m definitely interested. 22.) “I won’t do it again”: No really I will I am just saying I won’t to make you stop looking at me that way. 23.) “Its’ getting late”: I’m bored and want to leave or for you to leave. You are definitely not coming to my bed. 24.) “I want to focus on myself”: It’s over, time to move on. 25.) “What do you like”: I want to please you, so tell me exactly.

            By not you should know that women’s words can be very loaded. As we mentioned above, we say one thing but mean another. Unlike men, women use hints and insinuations to steer you in the right direction. Our way is not necessarily better it is just different. But after pursuing the provided list, I believe you are ready to take the challenge.

Street Talk

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