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multitude of sins
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freedom of expression
thinking time
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football game
root cause
Freedom Of Speech
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A contact was telling me about a football game and using the “f” word two or three times every sentence.I requested that he toned it down a bit to which he responded “Get with it Alf this is normal language today,everyone speaks this way “.This statement started a train of thought.

Why do you have to use bad language in the first place ? There are so many words that can be used to add emphasis unless of course you have a very limited vocabulary.

No,some users are very well educated, so could it be instead of using “um” and “er” to aid thinking time they swear instead ?

We are living in a society that believes in human rights.Using these personal aids we are capable of freedom of expression which covers up a multitude of sins.

I think the root cause is a lack of discipline.Self esteem means a great deal to most but shows itself in so many different ways.

A person totally dominated at home is an absolute gentleman until he escapes to his place of employment. What a change ! Now the absolute tyrant using the foulest of language to all around him.Work is his liberation and his personality changes accordingly.

Then there is the inferiority complex plagued person who uses bad language to draw attention,even shouting if necessary,to satisfy himself that he actually exists.The fear of silence makes him believe

he has vanished.There is always the snob around, who regards most people to be beneath him and so uses bad language in a condecending way, trying to convince you that he is an equal.

If you consider yourself to be normal then why swear at all ? I'm no saint and often swear when something unpleasant happens,a kind of instant reaction.Not too bad if to yourself,but when in company it creates feelings of personal contempt for weakness, that convinces me that the use of bad language is not the normal way of speaking, for most of us.

Another person who uses their right to speak is the dominant peresonality who captures his audience by steadily raising his voice until all are silenced apart from him.Verbal diarrhoea is his problem and unless you want an unpleasant scene he is usually tollerated.The observable truth about these characters is they believe in the opposite to action speaking louder than words.When it comes to action they are never to be seen.

The modern method of using speech is with a mobile phone.There was a time when to hear somone

talking to themselves in a public place aroused pity. Today it is common place.Everywhere you go people are nattering away,virtually oblivious of all around them.

I prefer to leave my mobile phone in the car (Emergencies Only).I can live quite contentedly

with just the freedom and leave the speech to others.I'm old fashioned don't you know ?

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