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Get Access To Kerr County Public Records
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Get Access To Kerr County Public Records

If you live and work in Kerr County in the state of Texas and you have cause or reason to suspect someone of a crime, you can get access to Kerr County Public Records on-line. By checking the records of a suspicious individual you can keep yourself and your family out of harms way. The earliest Kerr County Public Records can all be found on-line. These records include vital records, civil and criminal court records and jail and law enforcement records.

Reasons for Searching the Kerr County Public Records

Having previous criminal history information regarding a particular person can help you make decisions in a whole host of various areas:

  • Decide whether it is safe to go out on a date with someone you have met online
  • Check out your babysiter before you leave them alone with your child
  • Making a hiring decision prior to offering someone employment
  • Decisions on buying or renting property in sex offender free zones

There are plenty of other reasons for carrying out a search of the Kerr County Public Records so this list is no exhaustive. People have varying cause to carry out searches of these public records in Texas but by and large, the records are searched for the purposes of keeping themselves safe.

How far do the Kerr County Public Records go back?

Civil and criminal court records go back as far as 1987 and cover up to the present date Whereas jail and law enforcement records only go back as far as 1991.

Instant Search

You can instantly search over 400,000,000 Public Records in just a few steps to locate the background of any individual. The Kerr County Public Records access is open to all on-line and is very simple to use. You are able to lookup people by name, date of birth and by the date of conviction.

Searching by Phone Number

Unfortunately, you can not carry out searches by phone number. This is a little disappointing and would be a good service to include. Kerr County Public Records does not include a database of cell phone and land line numbers so to find someone by phone number you would need to use a specialist phone search service online.

Here is a list of all the records you can search:

  • Property and Tax Records
  • Property Records
  • District Court Cases
  • County Court Cases
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Probation
  • Payment and Plea Information
  • Property Tax
  • Judicial Civil and Criminal Records
  • Commissioners Court Minutes and Agenda
  • Voter Registration and voting information
  • Crime Records Service
  • Online Vehicle Registration
  • Birth and Death records
  • Sex Offender Database
  • City of Kerrville
  • Texas Online
  • Jail and Bond Records

You can lookup records on-line discreetly and efficiently that will prove useful to you when it comes to ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Street Talk

Hi Sherry, If they live in the US then try carring out a search using your sons friends names and the search facility will identify if there are records available. If not in the US then you will need to find a search facility in the country they live in. A google search may prove useful. You may also want to consider searching social media sites for these individuals. If you know their phone numbers then you could try findsomeonebyphone

  about 8 years ago

Thanks Craig, Definitely US, Does the findsomeonebyphone just work on land lines or does it also apply to cell phones? I love data / research. About 10 years ago, I wrote a database for a company doing Collections for Small Claims Court Rulings that had never be collected. I was a fun project but it would be a different universe now.

  about 8 years ago

Craig, is this ability rare or can I use this kind of tool in other counties?

  about 8 years ago

This particular tool is specific to the US only but there are other tools that enable you to search in other countries too. Do you need to carry out a search yourself?

  about 8 years ago

Actually I was thinking about a few "friends" my son had in the past. Curious about if that issue were to come up again; he is now 24 and not living at home.

  about 8 years ago
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