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How Can I Communicate Better With My Boyfriend To Get My Point Across?
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You love your boyfriend but sometimes it seems like you're in the same novel but on different pages – you know, like twelve chapters apart. Your main concern is, "How can I communicate better with my boyfriend so that he knows where I'm coming from and what I'm really trying to say?"

Relationships are hard work. When they go well, they are well worth the reward. Even when they go wrong and don't last there are good moments to take away from the relationship. But, what if you could learn a skill that will help you avoid the heartbreak of a relationship gone wrong due to lack of communication ever again? You can. Learning the subtle art of effective communication can help improve your relationship with your boyfriend as well as other relationships in your life too. You can excel at business, in your community, and in your personal relationships by getting a handle on how to communicate more effectively.

The beauty is that it doesn't require a complete lobotomy in order to learn to communicate better, win more friends, and influence people. You don't have to sacrifice your winning personality on the altar of making other people feel better. But there will be changes that need to be made in how you think about things and how you put them into words if you really want to change how you react to others as well as how others react to you. Once you make these small changes you will find it much easier to get your point across to your boyfriend and anyone else in life you come across.

So, what exactly is it you need to do so you can communicate better with your boyfriend? Follow these next few steps and you'll never have to worry about the need to get your ex back again – at least not over something as simple as communication issues.

1) Find positive ways to phrase things. There's just something about positivity that is absolutely contagious. It will be difficult for him to come up with a negative response or attitude when you phrase things in a positive manner.

2) Learn the fine art of negotiation. Instead of nagging him to do something one more time try negotiating with him instead. Don't grumble that he hasn't painted the garage yet. Ask him what you can do for him that will make it worth his while to paint the garage. Speak his language and appeal to his own self-interest. That way he'll understand that it's REALLY important to you and he'll figure out what's important enough to him to match the aggravation of painting the garage. You both give a little. You both get a little. That's effective communicating at its best.

3) Pay attention to non-verbal communication. It's very common for women to prefer words to non-verbal means of communication. The problem is that if you want to communicate better with your boyfriend you're going to need to start picking up on the messages that his non-verbal communication is sending you. Communication, after all, is a two-way street when it's done right.

When you master these simple concepts of effective communication it will change your entire outlook on your relationship. Learn how to communicate better and you'll have the building blocks to save your relationship today and in the future.

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