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How To Apologize - How To Say Your Sorry And Get Your Ex Back
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How to Apologize - How to Say Your Sorry And Get Your Ex Back

How to apologize - Say you’re Sorry and Get Your Ex Back

If you think saying your sorry is enough to mend a relationship, then you should think again. Learning how apologize gracefully is not really all that hard, and can make a world of difference when trying to mend a wrong doing.

That old saying “Love means you never have to say you’re sorry” is so overrated. While saying it is easy enough, most say it without really apologizing. For an apology to even be considered it needs sound as if it is coming from the heart, in the true sense of the word.

It’s not always easy to admit wrong doing, and even harder to do it without excuses. If it starts out “I’m sorry but” it is a lame attempt at an apology and will normally fall on deaf ears, you are not taking full responsibility for your own actions.

So when does it become a true apology?

Make your apology as soon as possible preferably the same day, time is of the essence. It is inconceivable to try to say you’re sorry for missing a birthday that was three weeks ago, what’s the point in it? Feelings have already been hurt and have most likely put a damper on the relationship.

If you are truly sorry, you need to specify what exactly it is that you are apologizing for. Just saying I’m sorry is way to generic, let them know that you take responsibility for your actions, it may have been a missed date, not returning a call or even burning the roast, this just lets them know that you are totally aware of your mistake.

Above all, always admit responsibility for your actions. No matter what never follow an “I’m sorry” with a BUT. This is just telling them that this is not a sincere apology but rather a compromise. “I’m sorry BUT” if you would have called I would have remembered is not going to cut it. This is only showing that you are trying to shift the blame elsewhere.

Due to their feelings being hurt your partner, may not want to hear your apology right off, but will soon welcome your attempt. Just be honest, don’t try to shift the blame and above all be sincere.

Here are some examples of what you should not say while apologizing.

“I’m sorry I offended you” this can imply that the person you are apologizing to that is really their fault, and they are just over reacting. This can also imply that there is a condition attached.

“I’m sorry you feel that way” this is not apologizing for a mistake but, rather that there was no mistake, again shifting the blame to the other person, implying that they are being too sensitive about the situation.

“I’m sorry you misunderstood” is again another way of shifting blame, implying that the other person was at fault due to not reading their minds, therefore couldn’t get a grasp of what the intent was.

It"s difficult to swallow your pride and say your sorry. but if the person really means something to you, then you should jump at the chance to gracefully apologize.

For a woman consider offering a sweet token of your sincere feelings, perhaps bringing them flowers, let them know how much you value them and how much you really love them. On the other hand you may invite your boyfriend to a romantic candle lit dinner to show him exactly how much you appreciate him.

Recognize your own faults. It is human nature that causes us to judge others, it is easier than accepting the possible faults in ourselves. It’s sad to say, it is also utterly unproductive and, in most cases harmful, some say, there is therapeutic value in saying I'm sorry.

Judging others only causes problems in relationships as it prevents new relationships from forming. Even worse, it stops us from trying to improve ourselves. We tend to make judgments without even knowing it.

When you learn how to apologize in the right way it can encourage you to figure out how you can improve yourself, by trying to catch yourself judging before it becomes obvious, and you will be able to judge yourself instead, making you a better person.

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