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How To Attract Women
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Dating a woman is one thing, but getting her attracted to a man is another. Nowadays, millions of men are increasingly wary of approaching women because of stress, feelings of inadequacy, and financial status. Many men feel they have to deal with themselves being ugly, bald, poor, fat, short, and shy among things. This is their perception of reality not reality itself. There are many ways though to overcome these insecurities. These are some steps to attract women.

The journey to success begins if a man knows how to play his cards right. He can easily seduce a girl if he knows how to approach her, what to tell her, take her to places that she likes, and be intimate with her eventually. He has nothing to lose. However, if he thinks that money can attract women, fame, power, or with his good looks alone, he is in for a lot of trouble. So what traits in men do women find attractive?

Women are attracted to men who have strong personalities, dominant, or “alpha males.” Men like these are confident, secure, and never needy, where women take notice. Any male has to be aware that anything opposite of these can quickly turn-off women. They simply do not like “wimps.” In a nutshell, men should not feel inferior to women. Another factor for women to be attracted to men is if they are gifted with social intelligence. It is the ability to act appropriately in social settings. Women will swoon over men, who know how to handle themselves in public. Good manners can make a man look outstanding. If he understands this, he would find that a girl would want to be with him in social functions. Moreover, her attraction for him will accelerate and this is how to attract women.

To have an aura of mystery is another. A case in point: the late Princess Diana became attracted to a Pakistani surgeon who did not take notice of her, while she was with him in the operation room. To her, she found this man to be extremely sexy because he was not star-struck by her presence. Eventually, they became lovers, albeit even for a short time. A potential romance can be fun if a man would not show too much interest in a woman.

Being pleasant and nice are subtle ways for a woman to be attracted to a man as long as you are not supplicating. Following the proper hygiene are sure-fire ways for a man to make a great impression on women - more so than fashion. A charming man can also be attractive. He may not have the requisite good looks, but if he is relaxed, funny, and slightly flirtatious, these will help him in good stead.

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