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How To Get Your Ex To Text You Back After The Break Up
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How To Get Your Ex To Text You Back After The Break Up

Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a thing we all hope does not happen. But the reality is that it often does happen. And when it does, one is left in a dilemma. One has to figure out how to get their ex to text back without aggravating the situation.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get things right with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. They probably will not pick up your call, which is quite frustrating. That is why texting may be a better option. Chances are that they will read the text, and even if they may not respond immediately, it will definitely get them to reflect on it and eventually text back. But that may just be the simple part. The most difficult part is to ensure that you send the right text in the first place.

Have Good Timing

One of the most important aspects to consider is the timing of your text. You don't want a situation where you text your ex and all you get is a deafening silence. There must be a reason why you broke up and that is why you are not talking to each other. So, you need to take time as you plan your moves. Using text messages in a breakup situation needs systematic planning and should take different phases.

To start with, you must give yourself some time after the breakup before attempting the initial communication. Both of you will need time and space to reflect on the situation. A month without communicating after the break-up would be ideal. This will give your ex time not only to reflect but also to start missing you. It is often said that time heals better than the doctor. Therefore, in this situation, giving your ex some time to reflect will definitely prepare them to be more receptive to your first text when it comes.

After this time lapse, you should gradually and gently open up communication with your ex. The main idea is to inform your ex that you are fine with the breakup and that you are still thinking about them. But don't pressurise them to respond. You just want them to start thinking positively about you again.

Remember that texting is a powerful tool of getting your ex to open the lines of communication. It acts as an impersonal channel for direct connection with your ex, giving you the chance to let out your feelings towards them. But it must be used very wisely if you have to achieve the desired results.

Things to Avoid

As is already clear, getting your ex to text back can be tricky. That is why caution should be taken when doing it. To start with, you should avoid sending multiple texts. This is the time to use texts like a strict dose of medicine. If you don't get a response from your first text, don't be tempted to bombard your ex with a bunch of more texts. Instead, use a good rule of the thumb; don't send more than two texts in a row if you don't get any response.

Not getting a reply to your text is in itself a message. Your ex probably doesn't want to engage with you yet. Therefore, give them some time and space. They probably need some more time to get their emotional balance back. You should therefore take several weeks before trying another text.

Another trick that can help in getting your ex to text back is to avoid putting any form of pressure on them to respond to your text. This would actually be very clear from the wording of your text. Therefore, bear in mind that the less you press them for a response, the more likely that they will actually voluntarily be inclined to respond.

Use Your Texts Positively

Texting after a breakup calls for careful formulation of the messages you intend to send. These texts must clearly leave your ex at liberty to either respond or decline to respond. They must not in any way feel that they are being pushed into a corner which might force them to shut down any further communication.

Your texts must also create positive experiences. You must focus on past experiences that bring a positive feeling in your ex. Focus on nostalgic memories that will even make your ex smile and feel happy when they read them in your text. You must give them a good reason to want to talk to you without any feeling of coercion.

Avoid Being Negative

One thing that you must always avoid is to bring in any negative thoughts or feelings through your texts. The first thing to do here is to avoid focussing on aspects of the past relationship. Remember this is why you probably broke up. You cannot therefore use it as a platform for trying to get back with your ex. Talking about it will make things worse as it evokes feelings of hurt and frustration.

Be Upbeat

If your ex knows that your text is more likely to be upbeat than give them a horrible feeling, they will most likely be more receptive to your texts. But if they have a strong feeling that any text they get from you is likely to add more stress to their already frustrated emotions, then they will always cringe when they hear the beep on their phone announcing that you have sent them another message.

Be Purposeful

When trying to get back with your ex, the text messages you send must be focused and purposeful. Avoid general messages that make your ex feel that you were just checking out on them or that you are desperate to get back to them. A flat message like "what's up" does not help to get things right. It doesn't sound purposeful in this situation. You must send a text that is well thought out; one that is most definitely going to help open up communication channels.

Your Next Step

This is only really the start of how to text your ex properly, you will need a proven system and many examples of texts that you can send to your ex to make them sit up and take notice of you again. The secret here is to create desire and intrigue, with the right texts you can easily do this.

A good idea for you right now would be to find out the clues ex is over you. This is always a safe starting point, you don't want to be trying to communicate with an ex who has moved on, it is a huge humiliation if they are just not interested. If your ex is showing all the signs that they have moved on, then you can turn this around quickly by using powerful Facebook techniques. Learn exactly how what you do and say on Facebook can change their perceptions of you and make them actually want to contact you instead.

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