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How To Text Your Ex - Make Them Want You
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How To Text Your Ex  -  Make Them Want You

Breakups by their very nature are perilous and tricky. It is far too easy to say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing or have your timing be off by just a fraction which can cause your attempts to get back together to collapse before they ever begin at all. If you feel like you're alking on a tightrope blindfolded, you're certainly not alone. Mistakes are potentially catastrophic and they are apparently waiting at every turn. If you're thinking of sending your ex a text message, you may have a lot of competing ideas over what kind of text to send to your ex, including:

*you want to send a simple message to break the ice

* You want to give your ex a laugh (but not at your expense)

* you want to get a rise out of your ex sexually

* you want to plead for mercy and be given another chance

* you want to make your ex afraid of losing you - or make them jealous

* you want to give your ex a positive memory about your time together

* you're hoping to reconnect by expressing the deepest emotions of your heart

* you want to ensure that your ex knows how sorry you are

* the list of possibilities is literally infinite

How is it possible to separate the good ideas from the potentially harmful (or fatal) ones? You're already aware that it's all-too-easy to say the wrong thing, and you cannot accurately predict how your ex will interpret or react to a text, regardless of how innocuous they may seem when you sent them. Although it's impossible to predict with absolute certainty what kind of text will work in your exact situation, there are some generalized scenarios that are fairly common and may help you out if they apply to your scenario as well.

- Significant Time has Transpired Since You Last Talked:

When you and your ex lost touch after the breakup (intentionally or not), you need a sure-fire way to get past the silence and begin talking again before you can hope to get back together. Your best text in this circumstance is one that can go barreling through the barrier between you without making your ex uncomfortable or feel pressured into responding. The last thing you want to do is scare them off, and you want to make sure that they fell like the option to respond is still up to them.

- You Want Your Ex to Consider Dating You Again:

Maybe you and your ex have been in touch since the breakup, but you seem to be circling each other without making any meaningful headway. The simple explanation is that your ex doesn't see you as someone that they have a potential to date anymore, and if you want to move forward you need to fundamentally change that perception. The best way to move forward is to ironically reconnect with the past. Remind your ex of one or more fun, positive times you had together - but don't make it seem like you've been cooking the text up for awhile. Make it seem random and out of the blue. Remembering the good times will also enable them to remember the feelings that they experienced while those times were happening - and set you on the correct path for developing those feelings all over again.

- You Know that Something is Giving Your Ex Some Difficulty:

No one likes to struggle or suffer, and it can be incredibly difficult to watch someone you love experience a hardship - even when it has nothing to do with you. All is not lost in this scenario, however, if you use the chance to boost the intimacy that still exists between the two of you. Be careful to not step on any toes or go overboard. Simply offer to be there, if they need someone to talk to. By extending the open hand of support, your ex will automatically feel close to you - even if they ultimately don't take you up on it. It's the thought that counts, but if your ex does reach out, make sure that you follow through.

- You Want to Give Your Ex the Memo that You Have a Life Without Them:

You hate thinking that your ex is imagining you pining over them every hour of every day, and you want them to realize that you're doing okay - with or without your relationship in-tact. Don't be rude, and don't try to rub your new-found freedom in their face. A little jealousy goes a long way, and if you allude to the fact that you're starting the process of moving on, their jealousy will kick in - and you'd be surprised how quickly they make take action to get you back.

- Explaining Underlying Emotions:

There comes a time in the aftermath of a breakup in which it's necessary to tell your ex the truth about your lingering feelings. That time is NOT the first time you text them after the breakup, and that time should not come as a complete, out of the blue surprise. While your ex may not realize it's coming, if you've properly built up a steady stream of communication, it won't come as so much of a shock. Make sure that you're honest, even if you're terrified. Ultimately, if you hope to get your ex back, it takes a big move - and this is one of the best ways to bring that move about.

What's Next?

There are certain ways to text your ex and you will need to know exactly how to text your ex if you want to win them back. You also need to learn how to contact your ex too. The problem is that most of us get this part wrong. Knowing if your ex still has feelings for you before you start wooing them again is a good idea. Be on the look out for signs ex still likes you, then you will know exactly where you stand.

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