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I Want To Call My Ex Boyfriend - Stop And Think First!
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I Want To Call My Ex Boyfriend  -  Stop And Think First!

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to getting an ex-boyfriend back. Right now, you don't have the luxury of trial and error. If you make a critical mistake now, you run the risk of scaring him off for good. If you move too slowly, you may miss your window of opportunity. Knowing what to say is equally as important as knowing when to say it. Without a window into your ex-boyfriend's mind, it's difficult to tell what's happening. Your best solution is to prepare yourself as much as possible prior to reaching out and consider the pros and cons of establishing contact.

You wish that you could see into your ex-boyfriend's head. Firstly, you want to knock some sense into him, but more than that you also want to see what's running through his mind when it comes to you and your former relationship. You're probably not going to like what you see. His memory of you right now is wrapped up in how he last saw you - probably when he was telling you the relationship was over. If you reacted badly, he's going to have that imprinted in his mind and it's going to be hard for him to see past that.

The key to successfully reconnecting with your ex-boyfriend is to break away from his current perception. If you can get him to miss you again and start thinking about the" you" he knew and loved before things went south, getting him back doesn't have to be a complicated or difficult process. Once he misses you, he will be much more receptive to your efforts to reach out and contact him. He needs to start missing you before any call you make will be welcomed and seen in a positive light.

Play with Magic - Enhance His Perception

Not everyone sees things the same way. You learned that lesson first hand when you thought your relationship was going okay with a few minor bumps in the road and he decided it was time to end it completely. So give him a taste of his own medicine. A large part of him is counting on the fact that he can stick you on the sidelines indefinitely in case he changes his mind. In reality, it may be tempting but don't let yourself fall for the ruse. Remove yourself from his line of sight. As soon as he starts to realize that you're no longer obligated to play by his rules, he's going to start wondering if leaving you behind was a good idea at all. Then you can start the process of rediscovering your own power and independence and get him to chase you the way he used to.

He hasn't had to take any actions up to this point - you've been all the hard work and have gotten very little results for your efforts. Instead of continuing to follow him around and enabling him to see you as a fallback option in case something else doesn't work out, take that option away. Don't allow yourself to be second-choice anymore - the girl he can always take back if something better doesn't come along first. Get up and move out of eyesight. As soon as he realizes that he hasn't seen you for a while, his natural curiosity is going to kick in and he's going to desperately want the answers to some nagging questions that he is unable to avoid. The abrupt change will hit him hard and remove his false sense of security. That's going to lead to a potential reversal of the whole process and enable him to view you in a completely different light.

While his interest in you is steadily increasing, he's not quite ready to act on it. You're about to make a move that is sure to capture his attention. Before you do, however, you need to make sure that interest has a strong foothold. The best way to make sure that he's paying attention is to make it clear to everyone that you're ready to move on. This means that you're not just waiting for him to text or call - you're out there living. You're meeting new people and throwing yourself into life full-force. The news will get back to him and send his ego reeling. Now you're ready to take it to the next level.

Change the Rules - Break Contact with Him

It's time to pull out your own rulebook instead of abiding by what he chooses to go by. Nothing will shake him up so quickly or completely as cutting ties and putting communication with him aside completely. He never in a million years expected that you'd be the one to walk away from him even though he left you behind. He's betting that you're always going to stick around in case he gets bored or lonely and wants to give things another shot.

When you take steps in this direction, he's going to be forced to sit up and pay attention. You don't have to beg or grovel or continually work hard to maintain contact when he's giving you nothing back. You can take control yourself and eliminate any contact you still had with your ex-boyfriend. Doing so will automatically make him realize what he's given up and he'll start to miss you like crazy. Pretty soon you'll be all that he can think about. Then there's nothing stopping him from reaching out.

Step Back and Wait for His Call

In order to get your ex boyfriend back, contact has to take place at some point. You've put in the time, energy and effort and you've probably gone crazy with anticipation. You know that you've come a long way from where you started, but you're still plagued with the same questions you began with. You wonder if the no-contact policy has gone on long enough. Maybe he lost your number. Maybe he's moved on without you. Does that means you should pick up the phone?

Not necessarily. By now you know that your best option is to get him interested in contacting you again. Instead of waiting for what feels like forever, take a few more steps in the right direction and give him some gentle encouragement. Talking is important but timing is more so. If you wait till just the right moment, you can almost count on being successful.

You've already sparked his interest - now it's time to enhance that interest and turn it into an undeniable curiosity. Once his imagination starts running wild and he has nowhere else to turn for answers, he'll be coming to you. It's just a matter of making the right move at the right time and not going overboard. Less is more at this crucial time and you don't want to make your intentions obvious.

Your Next Steps

The next step is crucial, when he contacts you be prepared for what you will say and how you will react to what he says. It is not just your words that are important here, timing is also paramount as is your tone of voice and how you end the conversation. With the help of powerful attraction secrets, you will be able to leave him wanting more, get him to contact you more often and make him see that you are the only girl for him.

This is only one aspect of getting him back though, you have to understand why men leave women in the first place so that you do not repeat any of the same mistakes again. Once you can see inside the male mind, you will have an advantage and he will soon see you as his dream woman. Knowing whether or not he still has feelings for you would also be really helpful. Read the signs he wants you back so that you know exactly where you stand with him.

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