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Improve Relationships With Better Communication Skills: Relationship Team Building For Success
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Obviously, one way to improve relationships is with better communication skills – but what may not be that obvious, is that as you accomplish this, you achieve a higher level of personal and professional team building for life-success.

By “life-success” I mean more than career success. I mean a truly happy and fulfilling life, which includes success in your career.

Every professional and personal relationship you have either empowers you or dis-empowers you.

Every person in your life represents a member of your team. Building a powerful, positive team of great people is a key that will launch you to greater life-success.

The quality of a relationship largely depends upon the quality of the communication skill demonstrated by the individuals involved.

One of the most powerful keys to effective communication goes beyond communication.

It has to do with the emotional state of the communicator and the responder.

To communicate as effectively as possible you need to feel basically calm, confident and secure.

The moment that the speaker or the listener becomes emotionally reactive, some level of communication breakdown ensues.

Review what occurred during a recent interpersonal conflict or relationship struggle, and you are bound to see that stirred up emotions were involved.

One way to improve communication and solve relationship problems is to work on improving your genuine state of composure when personal conflict begins to appear.

Just when you feel like getting all worked up, try instead to calm way down!

Inner peace brings relationship help.

When you become emotionally worked up you stop relating with the other person as a team mate and begin relating with him or her as an opponent.

Rather than accomplishing team work for success, this tears a team apart.

The more relationship strife in your life, the more drained you are by that strife, and the less you can achieve.

By paying more attention to how you are feeling while communicating, you can improve your communication skills.

The moment you begin losing your peace and poise, take a breath, relax, calm down.

This will help you to avoid saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing in the wrong way, or interpreting a statement in a way that causes you to feel annoyed, offended or anxious.

When you feel calm you can connect with the silent inner voice of wisdom guiding you toward greater happiness and success through relationship team building.

In other words, you establish yourself in the necessary foundation for good communication with your SELF.

In addition to the practice of calm for improved communication in your relationships, practice paying alert attention in the present moment.

When you communicate with awareness of what is happening in the present moment, you can see problems coming and avoid them before they became costly.

You can notice, for instance when you are:

• Giving too much information for the listener to take in

• Talking about non-related subjects that your listener regards as a waste of time

• Speaking in an overly aggressive or annoyed tone that causes your listener to react defensively or offensively.

As you practice calm awareness as your fundamental communication strategy, you will forge more harmonious bonds with others.

And this translates into greater life-success through positive team building rooted in effective communication

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