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My Ex Boyfriend Refuses To Contact Me - What Do I Do?
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My Ex Boyfriend Refuses To Contact Me  -  What Do I Do?

Many women find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being on the receiving end of a "no contact" policy after a breakup. They can go from talking to their ex regularly to waking up one morning and not receiving an answer to their texts, phone calls or emails. There is no response on Facebook or other social media sites. Regardless of the reasons for a breakup, realizing that you're on the ignore list can be heartbreaking. It's real, and it is a harsh step in the breakup process. More often than not, it leaves women wondering about a failed relationship, and causes their obsession with their ex to grow exponentially. Instead of moving on, they stalk his Facebook page or try to find out what he's up to. There is a better way to deal with a "no contact policy" than that knee-jerk reaction, though. Accepting it can help you move on - and may even be a vital part of getting your relationship back.

The Upside to No-Contact

Chances are, since your relationship came to an end, that you already had a strained relationship with your ex-boyfriend prior to the split. A no contact policy can actually be a good thing by providing much needed space between two people facing a less-than healthy connection. With some distance and some quality time apart to consider the possibilities of life without the other in it, you may both come to the realization that you miss your relationship and would like to restart it.

When your ex starts to separate himself from you through a no-contact policy, this is the area that you should focus on the most. You most likely would have had to implement your own no-contact policy eventually - he just took the choice out of your hands. Follow his lead. Even though you didn't make the decision yourself, just go with it. Sort through and examine your feelings. Put aside the problems you had in your relationship and focus on yourself. What can you learn about yourself in this time? What are you own strengths and weaknesses? An emotional break from the turmoil you've probably been experiencing even prior to the breakup can be just what you need to refocus and allow for a fresh, clean start.

Stay Strong and Don't Obsess

It's no wonder that it stings when your ex boyfriend wont contact you - especially if it was there decision to end the relationship as well. Part of the emotional turmoil is directly related to a feeling of rejection. It's hard to accept that someone you thought you knew so well and were so close to has no desire to speak with you, or have you as an active part of their life, even though you were already broken up. As difficult as it sounds, it is vital for you to find anything to throw your energy and your focus into - anything but him.

Instead of sitting around with a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and your favorite romantic comedy feeling sorry for yourself, go out and do something. Start a new workout routine. Join a different gym. Start going for walks, or find out more info about the hobby you were always interested in but never had time for. Read that book you've had on the shelf for six months. It is important to move forwards, and not stay stagnant in the post-relationship blues, re-reading every text he sent and fawning over pictures the two of you took together.

Staying busy not only accomplishes a lot of things on your "to-do" list quickly, but it also keeps your mind busy and focused on something other than your ex. If you can't stop thinking about him, it will be impossible to move forward and get on with your life. Accomplishing tasks that have been sitting around for months not only keeps you active, but chances are that it will improve your self-confidence and self-esteem as well. Feeling better about yourself after a breakup is one of the best ways to move on.

Breaking No-Contact

While it may seem that you'd give just about anything you have to hear from your ex at the moment, over time that feeling will fade. The urge to text him the story of what happened at work will slowly start to diminish. He won't be the first person you think to go to after a bad day, or when you really need a laugh. So when is it okay to reach out and try to start a conversation?

Here's the secret: If you have been able to avoid contacting him for a certain amount of time, he's likely to reach out and try to contact you! It could happen in a few days or a few weeks, but eventually it's pretty likely that his curiosity will get the better of him and he'll want to see what you're up to.

If he doesn't initiate contact and you're positive that you want to start talking to him again after taking a break apart, it's best to look at your options diplomatically. Check in with him as a friend - and nothing more. Don't tell him your life's story for the past few weeks while you've been apart or ask him a million questions. Simply reach out as a friend and ask him how he is. Do this preferably by text or email - if he doesn't answer a phone call then leaving a message can often sound fake, or you may say something you'll later regret. Via text or email, it's easy to ask a simple question and then leave it there.

The key part to initial contact is simply to let it be. If he doesn't answer you, don't message him again. Wait for him to respond to you. He could be testing you to see how you react to a less than quick answer. Don't fall for it. By leaving the ball in his court and not seeming to care, it's easy to see why his interest would go on the rise again. Regardless of your specific situation, women often have more say in getting back together with an ex than they may realize.

Your Next Steps

You have now gotten some ideas about what to do when you have made mistakes in front of your ex boyfriend. There are also other break up mistakes that you should be avoiding at all costs. Look into these carefully as they will make you look really foolish in front of your ex boyfriend and push him further away from you.

The next thing that you will need to look into is contact with your ex boyfriend after your break up. Knowing exactly when to contact him is key. If you do it correctly, you will arouse his interest in you and make him miss you. There are many psychological tactics that you can start using today to make him start chasing you again.

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