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My Ex Isn't Talking To Me - How To Sort It Out
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My Ex Isn\'t Talking To Me  -  How To Sort It Out

Getting an ex to take you back is a difficult and time-consuming process made all the more difficult when communication seems to be at a dead stop. Knowing which way to turn can be confusing and you don't know whether to press on and continue your current course of action or try something new.

It's important for you to carefully weigh out your options. Repeatedly sending texts or emails to your ex hasn't gotten you very far in the process since you started, so maybe it's time to change tactics to something else. Before you can do anything, however, you need to consider how your ex is viewing your attempts. By understanding their point of view, you can more easily adapt to changing circumstances and make a plan that can propel your interests forward instead of stagnating in repeated failed attempts.

Just because you're not getting a response doesn't mean that all hope is lost. It means that your ex is going through a difficult time as well - even though they called the relationship off in the first place. Your ex will come around in time, as long as you take the right steps to encourage the process - and give them the impression that you're starting to move on.

Post-Breakup Planning - Choose Your Actions Wisely:

Having a plan is going to enhance your chances of eventually winning your ex back. Sometimes the outcome can be hard to consider when the only thing you want is to have them back in your arms. Jumping at the first idea that comes to you may seem profitable at the time, but impulsivity can backfire and work against you. That's why the most important thing you can do is to carefully consider your moves and not do something that you may come to regret later if you end up pushing your ex away for good.

The following guidelines can keep you from some more common mistakes and increase your overall chance of success:

- Now is not the time to pressure your ex. Your ex is going through their own emotional reactions to the breakup, and answering a bunch of questions is not high on their list of priorities. Instead of pushing your own agenda, back off and give them some time to think. Not only will it prevent them from fully pulling away, it will give them the impression that you're starting the process of moving on because you're unwilling to chase them for a second chance.

- Don't ride the pity train. It's easy to feel sorry for yourself when you've been the victim of an unwanted breakup. Choosing to remain in that kind of negative mindset, however, will work against you in the long run. You want to break the negative pattern and focus on the result. In this case, you want to win your ex back, and in order to do that you can't allow the despair to take hold. Choose to overcome your emotions and focus on the positive and you'll have a much better chance of encouraging communication overall.

- Put yourself out there. That doesn't mean you have to jump into the dating pool with both feet. It does, however, mean that you can't simply sit on the couch and expect things to change. The first step towards a positive future is to enter into it with your arms open. Welcome the chance to interact with others. This can rebuild a shattered self-esteem and significantly increase your confidence. As you're focusing on yourself, your ex is noticing a change in you. You're not acting the way they would have expected, and that lets them see the real you - and it makes them wonder why they left you in the first place.

- Become your best self. Maybe you can concede that you got a little lazy throughout the course of your relationship. You weren't as supportive as you could have been, or you allowed the pressures of everyday life to get you down. Believe it or not, it's not too late to change. Your ex was with you for a reason, after all. Discovering that reason and bringing it to light can not only improve your overall image, but also allow your ex to see the best parts of you - and miss the fact that they're not with you to enjoy it.

Reasons for an Ex to Keep Their Distance:

If you want to know what caused the disconnect in communication, it's normal for two people to move apart immediately following a breakup. This natural break in connection can be multiplied when the person who ended the relationship felt significant pressure by their ex. Either you tried to talk to them too soon or you overwhelmed them with too many messages at once and they needed a break. These mistakes are common, and they are easily overcome with some patience, mutual respect and time away. Not only will the distance allow your ex to begin missing you, it will also work in your favor and give you some time for some deep introspection. Taking some time for yourself is crucial to your overall plan - and you'll be on your ex's mind a lot more than you may think.

When the time comes to get in touch again, make sure that you're carefully considering their responses. It's possible to read between the lines and understand what's really going on in their head when you approach them. By interpreting their behavior and their words correctly, you can exponentially increase your chance of winning them over as long as you hold tight to the plan and give your ex the benefit of your patience.

What To Do Next

Your ex isn't talking to you now, but it doesn't mean that it will always be the case. You can easily turn this situation around and make them the ones that are chasing you if you can understand some human psychology. It is pretty simple really. Learn all about the no contact rule and how it works to make your ex want you again. You also need to be aware of these post breakup mistakes if you are to stand any chance of getting your ex back again. Good luck!

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