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It's very understandable that most parents love their children. Children mean something very special to them. They would want to do everything they possibly can to make the children happy. There are many happy homes indeed where they are well behaved, well nurtured and a well balanced family. Indeed, lots of parents are eager for their family to be in such harmonious environment.

But unfortunately there are some family who find it difficult to reach such glory. Some of these parents find it difficult to express how much they loved and cared for the children. Sometimes, the children might feel that the parents don't really care for them. There's a barrier somewhere that has to be improved on.

The parents usually assume that the children should know that they loved them. They will be surprised if in later years the children tell them straight that they never knew how much the parents loved them or cared for them. Instead they might say they felt rejected or not loved at all. Or that the parents seemed to prefer the others in the family and not him/her.

What's the mistake? Didn't the parents do the best they can? Earn enough money to live comfortably. Cook for them the delicious food, do the housework, wash the dishes, do laundry, clean up their room, buy latest computer games for them, some even take them to best education around.

Yet these parents are searching for answers why their children don't seem to love them as they expected. They are searching for ways to make it become the real happy togetherness that they had always wished for.

One of the most powerful ways to improve on this is communicating with each other. Talk with them, not just talk to them. Make an effort to communicate with them. Say something positive about them, avoid talking anything negative whenever possible.

Talk something like "We really enjoyed talking to you.", "We're so proud you have improved in your school exam.", "Thanks for helping with the dishes/car wash.","I'm so happy to have such a helpful son/daughter" - Make them feel you are with them, that you are aware and concerned for their needs. And talk more often with them. Don't let them feel neglected.

For those with the communication with the children problem, it maybe a bit difficult at first, but over time, if you talk more with them and do it right often enough, it will become easier. The children might feel a bit strange at first, but they will feel good that the parents are now coming closer to them which they expected.

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