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Quick Easy Tips To Flirting With A Girl
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Ever had trouble or get nervous when flirting with girls? At times you dont know what to say to her and all of a sudden freeze up with nothing to say? Sure this might work as the, "hes so cute when hes shy" speech but in reality this doesn't always work for some guys. I have had the unfortunate compliment of "hes shy but cute" and I haven't been able to score the girls that Ive truly felt I wanted.

Who is to say that this girl is too good for you? No one! So anytime you hear this from someone do me the favor of disregarding it immediately, because no girl is too good for any guy.

I was once the one who was only given what was dealt to me. I had never tried to change the cards until recently. I was shy,quiet and self-kept to myself. This was my problem I was the nice guy that was caught where no guy should ever want to be, The friend zone! I will be listing some awesome tips that I learned to master the art! I wont go too deep into this simply for the fact that it will be too much for one article, Lets begin!

Tip #1

Confidence: This my friends is extremely important to have,EXTREME confidence. Especially if you are lacking in this subject. This was my problem way back then, now I am more confident than ever. Girls or humans in general are hyper sensitive, girls pick up on confidence frequency. This can include you body language the expression on your face. If you dont know how to obtain this power simply do what I did at first, which was affirmations. Affirmations are when you repeat something to yourself over and over until you believe it is true.

So before leaving the house repeat to yourself that "you are really good looking" or "im freaking handsome" something along those lines. This is just to give you a little push, there are other techniques but use this for now.

Tip #2

Banter: One of my new favorite things to do now is banter. This is when you playfully make fun or in other case "flirt" with a girl. Be funny as possible if you can, if not this is fine. ill give you a little example, I was trying these techniques out on a really hot girl that I work. With this is what how it went down:

Me: Hey ___ whats up

Her: nothing how are you

Me: good until I started talking to you! LOL

Her: shut up, blah blah some type of comeback she said < (giggle)

Me: you know you kind of remind me of a chipmunk!

her: WHAT! im not a squirrel!

Me: WoW if you dont know what a chipmunk is go back the 5th grade and learn haha, no but for real there these cute little creatures that have these big cute cheeks, like you when you smile.

Her: Ooh lol (turned red and smiled) then I turned around and walked away

This could go on all day. This my friends is where you build some type of relationship, kind of joke around not friends really but kind of "flirt" all depends on how far you take it!

Tip #3

Rapport : Now that your on some terms of making fun of each other, build some engaging conversation. This can be used for rapport. To do this ask questions more about her than you. "what did you do Friday?" then go deeper in to the conversation depending on what vibrations you are picking up from her. Flirting with a girl can be very easy if you know the right steps I am learning and still learning new and interesting techniques in this game.

Thats really it, Those are my simple tricks to flirting with girls. I hope I helped some of you looking to find a solution to your problems.

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