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Reasons Why Your Ex Is Still Texting After The Break Up
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Reasons Why Your Ex Is Still Texting After The Break Up

There are a myriad of reasons why your ex is still texting you after the break up, let's look at the most obvious reasons so that you can decipher what is really going on in their heads.

When it comes to keeping in touch in modern society world-wide, the typical method for communication as a whole is through texts. Texts are exchanged constantly throughout the course of a relationship - and you and your ex probably send hundreds if not thousands while you were dating.

When your ex broke up with you, however, you thought that all of those texts ranging from "good morning" to "I love you" were going to end rather suddenly. The imagined lack of communication is often one of the hardest parts of a relationship. Going from nearly-constant contact to nothing is often a difficult hurdle to overcome emotionally. Fortunately, however, it seems you were mistaken. When you expected silence, you were surprised to see a text from your ex - and you don't know what to do with it.

If your ex is texting you post-breakup, there's probably a reason for it. What do their text messages mean? What are they saying? Is it safe to read between the lines - or should you only take their messages at face value and refuse to look any further than the actual words that they sent you?

What are your Ex's Texts Really About?

Whether your ex is looking to get back together immediately or they're simply trying to pass off their texts as innocent inquiries, they're almost never simple messages without a deeper meaning. It takes a lot of nerve to text someone that you recently broke up with. If your ex was compelled to send you a message, there's usually a broader picture behind it.

Your ex isn't going to send you a follow-up text to explain why they felt the urge to message you in the first place. They're not going to be forthcoming with their reasons - probably even if you ask outright. Your ex may be convinced that they're not interested in rebuilding your romance - and at the moment, they may even be right. At the very least, they're trying to ensure to themselves that communication stays open - and there could be a multitude of reasons for their initial contact. Their motives may not be pure, however. You need to be on the lookout for a casual hookup or for a general inquiry that could be leading somewhere further.

No matter how your ex wants to spin things, though, they can't hide a couple simple facts. One, they're obviously still thinking about you and your relationship. Secondly, they miss you. If they were over the relationship entirely, they would never reach out and make contact.

Having your ex initiate contact with you is an incredibly good sign if you're hoping to get back together. There's a lot more going on beneath the surface than just a simple "hey" or questions about how you're handling the breakup.

Examine the Frequency:

Don't see this contact as a solid excuse to jump to conclusions. Although getting a message is a good sign, it's not the end-all, be-all indication that your breakup is over. Breakups rarely (if ever) occur without any sticky residue. It's possible that your ex has a sincere question to ask you - or maybe they're looking for something that they may have left behind. Looking at what they say is every bit as important as recognizing that they're talking to you in the first place.

If your ex has only texted you once or twice with genuine and not leading questions, it's possible that they have a reason for reaching out. If they're texting you more frequently, however, it's possible that they're starting to come to terms with the reality that they've ended things - and they may be recognizing that they acted before they had the proper time to think things through.

If your ex is asking a lot of questions about your life and your emotions, the likely explanation is that they're digging for information. This could be a large indication that they're after something more than a simple conversation.

Look at the Timing:

If you really want to get to the bottom of things, go beyond the texts themselves and look at when your ex is sending them. Ironically, timing can be everything when it comes to interpreting your ex's motivation. Although it may not seem like a big deal to them, it could shine a light in a particularly cloudy scenario as far as you're concerned.

Think about your relationship. When did the two of you do most of the talking? Did you usually come home after a busy, separate day to an evening full of snuggles, laughter and talking? If they're usually texting you at night, it could be a large indicator that they're missing the time you used to spend together, and they're trying to reconnect a small piece of that connection that is now missing.

Does your ex send you bragging messages on the weekends when they claim to be out at the bar having a great time? Are they sending you pictures to try and make you jealous? It's nothing more than a blatant attempt to try to get your attention and force a reaction out of you. If you react, they can feel better about themselves and the breakup as a whole. It's likely that they're feeling a bit vulnerable in the light of being alone - and they're trying to prove to themselves that they're still desirable. It has little to do with you, and a lot more to do with their own insecurity, and it shouldn't be taken to heart.

What better way for your ex to try and discern if you still have lingering feelings for them than by bragging to you about all of their wonderful activities. Maybe they're trying to figure out if they still have a chance with you in case they change their minds later on down the road.

Know How to Respond:

No matter what your ultimate goal is in regards to your ex, the best course of action to take is usually to take no action at all. You don't want to be a part of feeding into your ex's need to feel better about themselves, and you don't want to overreact and push them away for good. Any negative reaction on your part can be seen negatively by your ex, regardless of the fact that they initiated contact with you in the first place.

If you're hoping to get back together, though, you need to rely on something a bit more reliable than a few text-message exchanges. You'll want to take action that is definitive and cannot easily be avoided. If you want to win your ex back again, you'll need a plan to make it happen - not a fly-by-night approach that could potentially lead to disaster.

What's Next?

Some of the reasons why your ex is still texting you may surprise you, maybe you already suspected that they still had feelings for you. However, you need to know for sure how they feel before you rush into things and assume that they adore you. That is when you should be reading the signs your ex likes you. These signs are based upon human psychology and will give you a clear indication where you stand.

After that you will need to avoid these break up mistakes if you want your ex to continue seeing you in a positive light.

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