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Sending Texts To Your Ex? - What To Say To Get Them Back?
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Sending Texts To Your Ex?  -  What To Say To Get Them Back?

What should be said if you're considering sending a text message to your ex? What shouldn't you say? What should you consider including? Text messages are by nature ambiguous. It's easy to misread them, misinterpret them or take them the wrong way, and depending on how a message is worded it could have multiple interpretations. There are most likely a lot of options swimming around in your head right now, including:

* Sending your ex a positive memory about the time you spent together

* Making your ex think that you're on the verge of moving on

* Begging or Pleading to get another shot at a relationship

* Expressing your undying love or devotion

* Injecting your sense of humor in an attempt to make your ex laugh

* Something suggestive or sexual to try to gain a positive reaction

* Just saying hi to try and start a conversation

* coming clean and apologizing for real (or imagined) mistakes

* just about anything else you can think of

Like in any situation, some ideas are viable and positive - and some should be avoided at all costs. How do you tell the difference? Is there a catch-all test that can weed out the bad ideas while also promoting the good? Ultimately the answers lay in your reasons for wanting to text your ex in the first place. While all situations are different fundamentally, there are some common ones that may give you the inside scoop and get you started on the right track.

-You've Been Out of Touch for Some Time:

What you're looking for in this situation is a way to "get the ball rolling" when it comes to beginning a conversation out of the blue. These types of messages should be kept simple, and you should avoid pressuring your ex to get back to you within your expected time frame. You want the choice to be left up to them without any repercussions - either they respond or they don't. At least you tried.

- You Want to Take Things to The Next Level after Initial Contact:

If you're hoping to take things to the next level after communication has already been established, you want to focus on the memories of your best times together. Your best option for a lead-in text is to give your ex a tangible memory they can relive in their minds - something fun that the two of you did together, or one of your best memories of a relationship as a whole. By reliving the memory of your relationship, your ex will also remember the feelings that they once had for you - even if they've tried to deny them up until this point.

- Your Ex Is Coping with a Personal Situation:

Difficulty often creates an unintentional bond between two people - especially when that bond is just a reinforcement of one that already existed. If your ex is having some problems in their life that have nothing to do with you, you can offer your support and give them a shoulder to lean on - if they choose to use it. Instead of extending the offer in person, however, you'll want to keep some distance. That way, they can feel free to take you up on your offer without feeling trapped or obligated to do it.

- You Feel the Need to Justify Your Life - Even If They're Not In It:

Jealousy is a powerful and intense emotion, and it often catches people by surprise. They key to this kind of message is subtlety - and less is certainly more. If you feel the need to send your ex one of these messages, find a way to slip in the fact that you're out with some friends or that you're busy. They'll get the message much clearer than if you came outright and told them that your life involved a lot more than pining over your lost relationship.

- You Need Your Ex To Know How/What you Really Feel:

These texts are a bit trickier, and the key to pulling one off successfully is to carefully consider your timing. You can't just tell your ex out of the blue that you're still in love with them and you want a relationship with them again. You have to warm them up a bit first to win your ex back. These texts are usually only effective when you've already established contact and your ex is accustomed to having you in their lives again. If these messages are not thought out carefully, they could do the opposite of what you're hoping to accomplish and frighten your ex away indefinitely.

What's Next?

Sending texts to your ex is only half of the problem, you need to know how to increase their desire and interest in you, making them want to take things to the next level. Knowing how to contact your ex is a huge part of this. Not only what to say, but when to say it, how to deal with the no contact rule and how to make your ex desperate to have you again.

You also need to address your own behaviour. People have little to no self awareness after a break up because their emotions are running high. We all do and say the wrong things in front of our exes which make us seem pathetic and needy. These break up mistakes need to be avoided if you are to create a positive impression.

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