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Silent Treatment In Relationships
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Silent treatment in relationships can occur for many reasons. Have you ever been upset with your mate, and you determined in your heat that you were not going to say anything to them. You not only demonstrated silence by not talking, but it also came out in your body language! If they looked at you, you looked the other way as if to say, "I'm not talking to you, and don't say anything to me". Many of us have played the game of the silent treatment in our relationships.

But is being silent all that bad? No it is not; because silence is considered golden when you can't think of the proper words to speak. I often think that in relationships, it's not always what the person say, but it's how they say it which which will make the difference! You can say something to a person that is legitimately correct, but if it comes across the wrong way it won't be received. So when a person lacks the ability to communicate in a way that's productive...silence is golden.

I'm not saying keep silent and don't resolve your issues; but what I am saying is communicate when the conversation can be productive, and when both parties can be heard. If both people since the temptation of losing control; keep silent until the right time. The problem in many relationships is that we don't heed the warnings of bad confrontation. Confrontation is good when you can deal with the issue, instead of attacking the person! But many times we attack the person, and we put them on defense, and nothing gets resolved.

Now to balance this perspective out, couples must understand that they cannot stay silent forever. It is important to know when the time has ended for silence, and when communication should begin. You can't stay silent forever, but you must talk to your mate. In other words, don't let what happened between the two of you go on forever! Let it end...let it go...resolve it! Life is too short to stay upset!

I remember very early in my relationship with my husband, when we were upset with one another, we determined that we were not going to speak for days. Thank God we didn't have children at the time because they would have witnessed that foolishness. We determined that since we were going to stay in the relationship that we were not going to sleep in the same bed night after night without talking! We were not going to fake being happy with one another around our relatives and friends; and secretly be at odds with one another. We determined that if we were going to stay together, then when other people saw us, they would see the real thing! Because again, life is too short!

Maybe you're giving your mate the silent treatment as you read this article; and the weeks have crept by, and you both have not spoken in almost a month. I want to encourage you to examine why you have decided to continue this behavior, and make the grown up decision to resolve your issue today!

Blog: Silent treatment in relationships must come to a close if you have determined that you and your mate will be productive. Silence is golden when you can't communicate without losing control!

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