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Stop Being Late
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Stop Being Late

It’s a humid summer day in August and you’ve just escaped the state pen (work). Before the escape you were reconnecting your black phone wire while sneaking in your 3rd YouTube movie of the day. After bribing the guards (I.T. department) they “fix” your time card for the day and give you the signal! Your adrenaline is rushing and you successfully sneak past the warden (Senior Management) and quickly make way for the light (exit door). As you make your way across the street the sky mocks your efforts and opens up with rain of biblical proportions. You scamper to a near by awning to shield you from the rain and go over your night. You have early dinner plans and a show with a loved one. It also seems they haven’t released the M.M.T. (middle management team) yet to rat you out for an extra day of vacation and a pat on the head.

Life is great at this moment. There is only one problem, your date for the evening missed the planned four o'clock meeting time. It is now four thirty and the weather isn't improving. Your mind starts to race as you contemplate what could be taking them so long. Didn’t they have the day off today? You wait for another fifteen minutes and happiness switches gears and you start to feel a bit worried and finally upset. You contemplate more of life’s mysteries like on what planet, besides Voltron, does “I’ll be there in five minutes” turn into thirty minutes later.

They finally show up with a huge smile looking half crazy quoting Dr Seuss “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before its afternoon." You begin to wonder why they told you that they were only dropped once as a child and close your door. As you pull out you also wonder if digging that hole under your desk with the “spork” pack was such a great idea. During the ride while you are trying to go to your "special place" they ask you brilliant questions like “What’s wrong with you?”

Has this situation or a bit similar ever happened to you? We have all at some point dealt with a person who’s always late and has no regard for your personal time. Maybe you’re the time assassin who thinks a watch is just a shiny accessory that makes that cool ticking noise. If so this article is for you!

How hard is it to start a fire and begin sending detailed smoke signals to someone? I’m going to say on a scale of 1-10 it’s on a fifteen. Maybe it’s just me I’m no park ranger but I’ve found this magic talking device called a cell phone works even better! Some people refuse to give you a “heads up” when arriving late. In an instance where you do happen to call or text try not to use the standard “I’ll be there in five minutes line” or the ever so popular “I’ll be there soon” if your further away. For the love of Cheerios please stop doing this. If you are late especially in inclement weather give the other person the courteous of a phone call. I feel with some people in relationships they get so caught up in the routine and start taking issues like time for granted, there should never be a comfort level so high that you disregard a person’s time. I also feel that while this information is “common” knowledge there are those who still don’t show concern.

“I know you're cheating on me!” “Why were you so late?” To play devil’s advocate here sometimes when we are late the cell phone dies or perhaps we left it at home. It is never a pleasant situation to be accused of cheating or lying simply because you are late. Many times instead of asking we develop a list of reasons why the person is late. If you’re having a rocky relationship already this could lead to an increase of tension. Some people are on the other side of extreme as well. Statements like “You're late I thought your car did a back flip off of the bridge and disappeared like a Florida ballot.” Well maybe not that extreme but you get where I’m going.

Remember that saying that you learned as a kid? “Ask and you shall receive” Instead of firing questions based on assumptions calmly ask the person what you would like to know. Being calm will present a level of difficulty especially when the person has shown a lack of regard. Fight the temptation to argue because your valid point will get lost in a pointless argument. At times it happens when I'm in this great mood looking forward to something only and this ripple effect happens because I allowed it to effect my feelings. It is my responsibility to control this and perhaps the real key is not putting expectations on people.

Save yourself the drama and don’t put expectations on people. If you are with someone who is always late ask for time to speak with them and calmly express how you feel. While dating a particular girlfriend she would always say “awareness is everything”. I would shake my head not truly understanding the meaning until I started realizing what it meant. Your awareness of another person’s feelings or the reasons why you do something can bring about a positive change. If given a choice most people would not choose to be late yet a lot of people continue this trend.

If you are a person who is always late ask yourself why you are. When you have a deeper understanding of your habits you will know if it is wise to keep or let go. Thank you for reading this article. Please feel free to comment in the section below.

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