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Texting Your Ex - Send Them These Kinds Of Texts
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Texting Your Ex  -  Send Them These Kinds Of Texts

When texting your ex after a breakup, texts can easily become a positive method for rebuilding your relationship and getting things headed in a more positive direction. Each of these different types of texts can encourage a response, rebuild a conversation and get you and your ex back on the same page. When they're part of a bigger plan, they're more effective - and much more likely to work out the way that you want them to.

Some text messages do nothing more than get the conversation started all over again. Some texts use you and your ex's memories to rekindle a positive response and get your ex to think about things in an entirely new (and positive) light. Some texts make your ex miss your former connection - and even long for that connection again. Some texts can even push the boundaries further and recreate a positive, physical connection by arousing your ex and making them miss the time you spent together physically.

When you want to give yourself the best advantage possible, it's not enough to just know the techniques - you have to be able to put them into practice. You need to make them unique and specific by inserting your own memories and turning them into a positive form of communication - with a specific goal in mind. To begin, these four techniques are effective and worthwhile.

#1. Enable and Create a New Conversation

This type of text is pretty self-explanatory. You and your ex have been out of touch. It's normal after most breakups. You'll need to reopen the lines of communication and rebuild the bridge between you and your ex that was damaged during the breakup. The most important thing here is to not make your ex feel pressured. If your ex feels pressure, they're likely to run or not respond to your efforts at all.

"I found an old picture of us that must have fallen behind the desk. It was cool to see your face again, and it stirred up a lot of old memories. I sincerely hope that your life is going well"

#2. Encourage Positive Memories

When you want to rebuild the conversation that's already been started, you can add in the second type of text and utilize the history that you and your ex share to bring all of those positive memories back to life. They're beneath the surface. Dust them off, shine a light on them and bring them back to the foreground - instead of the background where they've been lingering.

"Remember the time we were at the football game and I fell on the way down the bleachers? I thought I had broken my ankle, but you helped me up and got me home safe. A sprain has never felt so bad, but you took care of me all weekend - and I really appreciated it"

#3. Unite Through Difficulty

Difficult times are natural bonding experience. As you and your ex found out when you were together, the hard times often brought you closer together - until that one time split you up. You can recreate that emotional intimacy when your ex is going through a difficult period in their own personal life by reminding them that you're still there - and you're willing to support them through the hardship.

"I know that things have been rough for you ever since you moved out and you haven't really gotten settled. Maybe I can help you get things organized if you have some spare time - and that can help you get things back on track"

#4. Understand the Proper Place for Jealousy

Everything has a proper context and a proper form. Jealousy is no different than any other texting technique, but just because it's a viable option does not mean that it's not without its dangers. If you try to use jealousy in the traditional sense, you're likely to end up regretting your choice of words.

By making your ex realize that someone other than them finds you attractive or worth spending time with, you'll create the smallest hint of jealousy in the back of their minds. Believe it or not, that hint is more than adequate to get them to take action and win your ex back. You don't want to be blatant with jealousy - and that means that you can't send them a text about the swimsuit model party that you went out to last weekend. It takes far less than that to get the reaction that you're hoping for.

"That new pub down the street has some awesome drink specials and a really great atmosphere. I was just there with a new friend last night, and it was totally rocking"

As you can see by now, not all of these methods are appropriate at any time. Since they're all purpose-driven, they can only be used in the correct time frame. Get used to the different templates, and understand what purpose and function they fulfill. From there, it's simply a matter of applying your own situations, memories and recollections into the templates while maintaining the integrity of the formula itself. It seems more difficult than it is.

What's Next?

For the next step, there are ingenious methods that put your smartphone to good and proactive use. It can help you use texts to put your relationship back together and get you even closer to your ultimate goal. If you're looking to find a way to put your new smartphone to good use, this is it. These new, inventive techniques put the power literally in the palm of your hand - and it's being used world-wide at this moment to allow couples the chance to get back together for good.

First you have to understand contact with your ex to be able to get to the stage where your ex wants to text you by themselves. Avoiding these break up mistakes are also crucial if you want to make your ex see you in a positive light. After that, winning back your ex should be more straightforward.

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